ASN, HHS Launches KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge

What You
Needs to Know:

— Patient management and.

— The HHS and
the American Society of Nephrology announces the launch of the COVID-19
Kindey Care Challenge.

— Education, training, and.

These services may be.
used in a range of settings– such as dialysis centers, clinics, healthcare facilities, homes,.
and transport. Solutions might address, but are not limited to:.

” COVID-19s heavy impact will be felt for years to come, considerably intensifying inequities within the American healthcare system,” said KidneyX Steering Committee Chair Dr. John Sedor. “The COVID-19 Kidney Care Challenge, alongside KidneyXs ongoing work, offers us a method to possibly enhance results for patients in the near term– along with assistance set innovation roadmaps for the health difficulties of the future.”.


The 37 million Americans dealing with kidney illness are at increased risk of extreme illness from COVID-19. And intense kidney injury– unexpected loss of kidney function– impacts 20-40% of COVID-19 clients confessed to extensive care. The pandemic is intensifying existing health disparities and social factors of health, as kidney disease disproportionately affects low-income communities and people of African American, Asian, Hispanic, Latin American, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent. Individuals and organizations on the front lines have responded by rapidly establishing or adapting services for securely providing kidney care throughout the pandemic.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
and the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) released the KidneyX COVID-19 Kidney.
Care Challenge. The $300,000 difficulty invites qualified entities.
or people to send shown solutions that reduce the transmission of.
coronavirus among people living with kidney illness and/or reduce the threat of.
kidney damage among people who contract the infection.

Obstacle Timeline.

— The $300k.
difficulty aims to determine and share these frontline options so all.
communities can benefit. Winners will get $20,000 each in acknowledgment of.
their services.

Effect: The confidence in the solution to reduce.
SARS-CoV-2 transmission among individuals with kidney illness and/or decrease the risk.
of kidney injury/disease among individuals who contract COVID-19.

Round 1 of the challenge.
is now accepting solutions until December 4, 2020. Round 2 will be open to.
qualified entrants from Round 1, as well as new qualified entrants who did not.
get in the preliminary; the 2nd round will accept options from December 9,.
2020 to January 20, 2021. The judging panel will suggest winners from both.
rounds to get $20,000 each in recognition of their solutions.

Expediency: The ease with which the service might be.
carried out, thinking about elements such as time, know-how, money, or other.
resources required.

— Supply chain and.
resource management.

Entrants are invited to send their solutions by means of an online.
submission form. The submission form asks entrants to provide a summary.
of the service; available information to show the option has, or could have,.
a favorable impact; and extra info to examine how the service might be.
executed in other settings.

— Care setting logistics.

Adaptability: The degree to which the service might be.
adapted for other people or utilized in other care settings and/or locations.

The evaluating panel will.
assign as much as five points for each of the requirements below, for a maximum of 20.

KidneyX is especially.
interested in services that think about the patient experience and might be.
implemented without requiring significant time, know-how, cash, or other.
resources. Solutions that reduce the effect of the COVID-19.
pandemic on communities dealing with existing health disparities are encouraged.

Why It Matters.

Resourcefulness: The degree to which the submission offers a brand-new.
option, shows an improvement on an existing service, or uses an.
existing option in brand-new methods.

— Data collection and.

Evaluation Criteria.

< The COVID-19 Kidney Care. Challenge looks for to determine replicable solutions from companies, staff,. patients, and caretakers and share them across health care neighborhoods. KidneyX. is especially thinking about shown services that consider the patient. experience and might be implemented without needing considerable effort,. proficiency, cash, or other resources.