30 LGBTQ+ Couples Share The Most Frustrating Things They Deal With On A Daily Basis

Like, “Hey, so, Im gay. Ive been dating my sweetheart for 4 years. Sorry Ive been telling you otherwise.”

And Im like, “Uhhhh …” As if it werent uncomfortable enough to inform your ass Im gay already?!

Ask Reddit understands its still challenging being LGBTQ+ in 2020.

Lol I heard lesbians utilize a lot of toys. Cause you do not have anything down there, you know? Do you simply lay next to each other?

Individuals asking how you have sex. Its like, you would not ask a straight individual that.

2. The mini internal argument you have whenever you tell a story about your SO. Do I say friend or girlfriend? Have I come out to this individual yet? Exists someone in the area who I do not want understanding Im gay? If I do say girlfriend, will the individual think Im getting political/over-sharing despite the fact that they wouldnt think that if I stated sweetheart instead of girlfriend? Coming out is not a one-and-done offer. You need to make that breeze judgment a thousand times and every time its frightening.

Is she flirting with me or is she straight and simply friendly? If I am, does she understand? Or would making a relocation freak her out and she d never ever talk to me once again due to the fact that shes actually straight?

Individuals asking if I know X person, because theyre likewise gay. The annoying part is that given that I live in town of 300k sometimes I do understand the individual theyre talking about or I understand somebody with the very same name, but as it turns out theres more than one gay guy called Alex or whatever.

5. Understanding that there are some individuals who really dislike gays even though everybody today pretends they are absolutely cool with them, and theres constantly a chance choices will be made at work that result in you not getting the promotion or straight-up getting fired.

People legally question the validity of your relationship, and whether its just a stage– especially if youre bisexual and have a history of being in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender. This questioning can come from both ends of the spectrum.

Whatever is simply so, well straight. A silly example: look at the greeting cards section next time youre at CVS or Target (ha! Walmart) and look for the male to guy cards.

8. I consider myself bisexual.

, if you are straight you can date practically half of the population of any area you live in.. When you are gay, your dating swimming pool is much, much smaller. If you live in a little town, you will likely understand every single gay or bi man because town and they are your only choice.

One thing I found out from the gay guys I dated is that being gay means that you are going to be truly lonesome a lot of the time.

9. People being extremely loving of my sexuality, often it feels truly forced. I value the support, but I seem like its stylish to support gay people.

10. Having some sort of conception of the future.

Since gay marriage is a reasonably recent thing (and it came suddenly and all of a sudden) you never ever matured presuming that you would ever get married, have kids, or construct a home. The question of “what do I desire to do with my life” really was never attended to in your younger years since you presumed there was no future for you. If you handled not to die from AIDS or by your own hands then you were not going to have a genuine love life, real friendships, a family that supports you, and so on all of that depended on you making the world think that you were directly, an exterior that you may be able to keep up with for a while, however not forever. Ultimately, the mask would slip, individuals would discover, and your life would gradually unravel from there. Unlike other kids who were delighted to live their dream as a medical professional, a police officer, a veterinarian, or whatever else, the whole idea of the future was something to avoid for me, due to the fact that I was always so certain that if I would even be alive to experience it, it would be lonesome and meaningless.

Fortunately none of that took place. Im still here corporeally but thats about it. Its just that since there was never any thought took into my long term future now Im bearing the repercussions of it as an adult.

11. We do not wish to sleep with every man we see; not everybody is appealing. There are likewise some even who are turned off when they find out a man is directly. Theres that presumption from straight guys.

12. When individuals in my household say things like, “We constantly knew,” or something else to that effect. It breaks my heart every time, and I wish to go fucking postal just thinking of all the horrible, dreadful, and downright outrageous shit they stated about gay individuals when I was such a young, innocent kid on a journey to find myself similar to anybody else. I did so much shit I definitely hated just to calm everyone else when I might have been pursuing my own unique interests. Feels like I lost my right to a fair youth. Forgiveness is hard, however I do it to not trigger anymore controversy than I need to.

People wondering why I dont act gay. Straight individuals are usually confused due to the fact that they have this concept of homosexuality thats extremely open, flamboyant, and in-your-face. Its even worse from other gay individuals, due to the fact that they assume youre straight-acting.

14. “So, whos the guy and whos the woman?” … yeah really dislike that one.

15. For some factor, when people discover out Im a lesbian, they feel the requirement to state however you do not look gay as though my appearance has any effect on my sexual preference. Its a little thing to some but to me it makes me feel revoked even if I do not fit a dumb stereotype.

Going to the restaurant together for a romantic supper can be quite awkward. Even even worse, of course, is scheduling a hotel space with a double bed …

When other gay individuals say it to me, its even worse. I do not look gay? Well, you dont look oblivious but I guess were both wrong.


” Are you going to use a gown? Are you going to have groomsmen or bridesmaids?

Straight people can assume theres a capacity for anybody of the opposite gender to be drawn in to them, they can fulfill just about anywhere. Gay people generally have to go out of their way to satisfy other gay people.

Our wedding party consisted of myself, my husband, the minister, and my child SIL as the flower lady. We exchanged rings and promises and had a great buffet set out for us. No dancing, no silly video games, simply marriage and fake Italian food.

19. Gay females have a various predicament: 90% of our pornography isnt actually for us (spoilers, its for straight guys) and we can fucking tell. Seriously, I question if these females ever even found masturbation due to the fact that you could swear theyve never ever touched a vaginal area in their entire lives.

20. We have to constantly police our language. A typical homophobic thing I hear is, “Why do you all flaunt your sexuality,” however I think a great deal of straight people dont recognize how often they inform me theyre directly without recognizing it. Whether its “My husband/wife” or “Oh that individual is hot.”

That being gay isnt a choice. Not saying Im not comfortable with who I am, but it can be tough and uncomfortable. Who would pick household rejection, being ruled over to bias and hemophobia on a daily basis?

22. Prior to y all knew I was gay, you yapped of smack about “the gays.” You dont keep in mind because it was simply another ramble, like what you had for supper. I remember. I will always remember. I will forgive you, however I will always remember how you spoke about me.

23. It can really get depressing when every television, tune, and motion picture show is centered around a guy and a female or heterosexual dating programs. You get ill of never being represented but straight individuals dont really get it.

Also, straight individuals absolutely consider granted the reality its acceptable to reveal PDA but gay individuals get told to put that shit away.

24. The first thing that enters your mind is a couple of years back I was speaking with my dad, and he mentioned when he met my mother, she was having major household concerns with her own dad. They didnt get along, at all, and my papa assisted resolve the problem since the way he was raised … household was the most important thing, and he “couldnt date a woman who didnt agree her family.”

I had to tell him if thats an expectation he has for my future partner, he better overcome it before I meet her. Trigger when youre gay, theres an extremely genuine chance your SO will not have a household to bring you into.

It had not struck him prior to then that my fiancée might not agree her household, which our family will have to become hers rather. Its something I accepted a long period of time earlier, but my dad truly battled with the idea for a long time.

25. Im older and * STILL * do not understand how to date. Coming out later is like being a teenager at whatever age you are, but you need to imitate an adult whos already had the heartbreaks that happen as a teenager.

26. Straight individuals always desire to understand what your type is. It constantly feels like a test to see if you find them attractive.

27. Im gay and out of the closet. I still remember this talk with a straight woman associate of mine: we were discussing the things, household and future. I mentioned the issue of not being able to legally adopt or wed. “Yes, is awful you cant have a household … by the way I get 2 men getting a kid, however 2 people getting a lady? Sounds fishy, I would be fretted for her wellness!” Ladies and gentlemen: our ally!

28. I still question my sexuality and how I define myself within the LGBT+ community. Ive been considering it for 10+ years and still am not sure often. I believe and discuss it with my friends who are also LGBT+ a lot, a few of them feel similar, some of them dont.

29. This might just be relative to where I live but the dating pool is quite small, its not unusual that to have dated the same individuals as your partner here.

30. You do not “come out” just the one time. Youre always coming out practically every day permanently as you live your authentic life, especially when you satisfy new people who ask about you and your SO.

People asking if I understand X person, because theyre also gay. It breaks my heart every time, and I desire to go fucking postal just believing about all the dreadful, terrible, and downright shameful shit they said about gay individuals when I was such a young, innocent child on a journey to find myself just like anybody else. Its even worse from other gay individuals, due to the fact that they assume youre straight-acting. Its even worse when other gay people state it to me. Gay people usually have to go out of their way to fulfill other gay people.