#RSNA20 – Work closely, even when far apart

#RSNA 20– Work carefully, even when far apart

With Enterprise Imaging, radiologists can be as efficient in your home as in the medical facility, with the exact same user experience. In the house, on the ward or in the workplace: each member of the patient care group has the versatility to from another location carry out jobs, develop reports, make decisions and team up, to provide client care whatever the situation.
Enterprise Imaging keeps an eye on all tasks, utilizing the rules-based workflow engine to drive them straight to the best radiologist, and then make sure no job gets postponed or lost.
Read more about it in the professional article by Bob Craske, Director Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

Remote collaboration: when team effort has no limits
Bring multidisciplinary groups and professionals together, any place they are, to produce seamless care paths throughout areas, healthcare facilities and departments. Each individual in a conference or team meeting can interactively share and control images, in genuine time, while interacting utilizing visual tools and immediate messaging. You enable multispecialty care cooperation, on a single platform!

Teleworking together, for the client: The COVID-19 crisis has actually brought house the importance of extending diagnostic activities and partnership beyond the health center walls.
Remote reporting: the at-home benefit

XERO Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams integration

Bring multidisciplinary groups and specialists together, wherever they are, to produce smooth care paths throughout regions, hospitals and departments. Each participant in a conference or team conference can interactively share and manipulate images, in genuine time, while interacting using visual tools and instant messaging. You enable multispecialty care cooperation, on a single platform!

Agfa HealthCare has actually been working carefully with consumers to support their cooperation and remote work requirements during the COVID-19 crisis. When in March 2020 Microsoft Teams was presented in England and Scotland to all users of the NHS collaboration service, Agfa HealthCare rapidly incorporated Enterprise Imaging and the XERO Universal Viewer with Microsoft Teams.
The deployment of the incorporated service at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in the UK permits over 450 users throughout the Trust to rapidly and safely share immediate imaging results.
Check out more about the use case at Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Hospital Trust

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