InvestLite Review



Broker Review: InvestLite

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review

General Information

InvestLite is a new broker trying to make a name for itself on the market. It offers CFD services on a wide variety of assets, covering all the most common categories. No matter if you’re a trader focusing on crypto, forex, or any other asset, you’re likely to find it at InvestLite.

The broker aims to be a globally reaching firm with two offices to demonstrate that worldwide intent. Their primary location is in the UK, while the second is in Belize. The exact addresses are 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, and 5 Cork Street, Belize City, respectively.

As a modern broker, InvestLite faces cut-throat competition and has to stand out to succeed. A few years ago, the brokerage selection was much sparser, and as such, brokerages could get away with a few mistakes. However, recently there’s been an online trading boom, with a ton of new traders coming in. That has also caused brokerages to open left and right in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.

A higher volume, however, means that the selection gets sharper. Brokers today must come out handing a nearly perfect service. The first step towards that is web design. InvestLite seems to have picked up on that, as the website is elegant, modern, and professional. The mix of static and dynamic elements makes getting info simple while minimizing the tedium that comes with it.

The next step, however, is usually much more critical. To succeed, a broker must provide a service that separates them from the sea of new brokerages. Luckily, InvestLite provides trading conditions that can even compete with established industry giants. Before we elaborate further, let’s look at some of our favourite features:

InvestLite Review, InvestLite ReviewInvestLite Review, InvestLite ReviewVERSATILITY

The broker is among the few that manage to pull off a versatile service without crippling themselves in any area. Usually, when brokers try and please various groups of traders at once, one of two things happens. One option is for the brokerage to succeed in providing variety, but in that case, the overall service suffers, ending up in the average-slightly below average range. The other is that the broker simply fails, providing a capable service in one regard but crippling others. Luckily, there are no such issues with InvestLite.


Fees are rapidly becoming a massive issue in online trading as time goes on. Brokerages have figured out that they can significantly boost their profits by adding even a small commission onto deposits, withdrawals, or trades. That can harm traders significantly, sometimes solely turning a winning strategy into one that drains money from your account. Over an extended period, those charges add to quite a hefty sum of money. That’s why traders should always pick brokerages that enforce fair trading without extra payments, like InvestLite.


Analytics are the cornerstone of modern trading skills. As technology has improved, the ability and tools to ease market predictions have become much more available. However, utilizing those tools effectively has become a necessity for successful trading. Brokerages that lack such options put you at a severe disadvantage, hindering your chances of success. On the other hand, InvestLite has over 30 top-grade analytical tools that serve to help its clients make wise and informed decisions.

Funds Trading and Security

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review
Earlier in our InvestLite review, we touched on the topic of the online brokerage world expanding rapidly. An unwanted side effect of that expansion is that many malicious companies have surfaced, aiming to take advantage of inexperienced traders. In the sea of new brokerages, there’s a formidable subsection of firms that are straight-up scams. As such, finding a secure brokerage has become step number one.

When we look at the area of safety, it’s surprising how well InvestLite does, especially considering it’s still fresh. It’s entirely normal for a new broker to have a rocky start, but InvestLite handles its security quite professionally. For starters, the firm has already secured a regulator as a formal measure that demonstrates its devotion to fairness. It holds a license from Belize’s IFSC, meaning InvestLite can get fined or entirely terminated upon any misbehaviour.

However, there have been multiple cases where brokerages manage to cause severe harm, even if regulated. As such, many experts recommend only to trade with brokerages that enjoy a positive reputation.  Customers’ opinion of brokers is hardly a quantitative measure, but it’s one that often paints a realistic picture.

And even there, InvestLite excels. The brokerage enjoys a positive reputation with customers, many praising its fairness and overall service level. It’s rated quite highly on most review and safety websites, so experts seem to agree as well. Lastly, the firm’s terms don’t contain any suspicious clauses, showing that they are genuinely dedicated to providing a fair experience.

Trading Accounts

InvestLite’s trading accounts build on the broker’s overall versatility, allowing traders to customize their experience based on their budget. The cheapest account is the Silver one, and it costs $250 to purchase it. The great thing is that even with that small initial investment, you get nearly all the features the two more expensive versions have. Namely, the only noticeable difference is in the leverage rates, which increase steadily as you progress through different tiers. As such, budget traders won’t feel constrained by the fact that they haven’t put in a hefty investment.

On the other hand, traders that are willing to show their loyalty with a more significant payment get aptly rewarded. The Gold and Platinum accounts each unlock luxury features, as well as an increased leverage possibility. On top of that, the spreads tighten as you go up, allowing for more precise split-second decisions. That’s especially crucial if you choose to employ certain trading tactics.

When you look at the accounts, it’s apparent that you can’t go wrong. Each trader should pick the one that looks most attractive based on the conditions and their willingness to invest. To make that decision simpler, here are some the benefits of each account:

InvestLite Review, InvestLite ReviewInvestLite Review, InvestLite Review Silver

  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:200
  • Available base currencies:



  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:400
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Swap discount 25%
  • Available base currencies:



  • Hedging
  • Amount of FX leverage 1:500
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Swap discount 50%
  • Free VPS
  • Customized investment news
  • Available base currencies:

The Trading Conditions at InvestLite

The trading conditions at InvestLite cover quite a lot of ground and should please a variety of traders as such. Firstly, the leverage possibility is high, allowing traders that prefer high-risk high-reward tactics to thrive. Next, the spreads are tight, leading to a transparent experience devoid of price shifts. Lastly, the brokerage covers all the common asset categories, meaning that no matter what instrument class you specialize in, you can use InvestLite.

Even moving past the strictly trading related conditions, the broker doesn’t let up. The security measures ensure that traders can conduct their business without the worry of losing money due to malpractices. Combining with that, the analytical tools allow traders to show off their skills and reach their full potential. The entire experience is also free of any additional costs, ensuring that the trader’s skill is the only factor determining wins and losses.

Trading Platform

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review

InvestLite Review, InvestLite Review
InvestLite uses one of the world’s most powerful and popular tools known as the MetaTrader4. Both new and experienced traders are quite fond of the solution, as it has both an easily understood interface and strong analytical possibilities. It also comes in two forms that make the trading process much more convenient and allow for trader mobility. One is the WebTrader, which enables you to access the trading terminal from any desktop browser. The other is the mobile app, which lets you trade over your phone or tablet as long as you have a stable internet connection.


InvestLite’s Trading Products

Throughout our InvestLite review, we’ve said that their asset collection is formidable multiple times. It makes diversification simple, with over 350 trading products to pick from. Also, it lets traders buy or sell from any of the standard instrument categories. InvestLite’s products fall under the following sections:

Customer Service

InvestLite has a support team that works 24/5. You can reach customer service representatives by using either a phone, live chat, or email address. The responses usually come quickly, and the representatives are quite kind.

Phone: +27108807931

Email: [email protected]

InvestLite Review, InvestLite ReviewInvestLite Review, InvestLite ReviewInvestLite Review: Conclusion

In spite of InvestLite’s status as a new brokerage, they’ve succeeded where many others have failed. The entire website and overall service is streamlined and looks like it’s been crafted with great care. Although there are a few tiny holes, they’re few and far between and simple to patch. The best thing is that since InvestLite is still new, so there’s a good chance they’ll show rapid improvement and grow even further.

As the brokerage is definitely well-rounded, we would recommend it as a potential trading hub for any broker, regardless of experience or skill level.