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Broker Review: InvestLite

The broker aims to be a worldwide reaching company with 2 workplaces to demonstrate that around the world intent. Their main location remains in the UK, while the 2nd is in Belize. The specific addresses are 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, and 5 Cork Street, Belize City, respectively.

InvestLite is a brand-new broker trying to make a name for itself on the marketplace. It offers CFD services on a wide array of properties, covering all the most typical categories. No matter if youre a trader focusing on crypto, forex, or any other property, youre likely to find it at InvestLite.

A greater volume, nevertheless, implies that the choice gets sharper. Brokers today need to come out handing a nearly best service. The initial step towards that is website design. InvestLite seems to have actually chosen up on that, as the site is elegant, contemporary, and expert. The mix of static and vibrant components makes getting information simple while lessening the routine that comes with it.

General Information

As a modern broker, InvestLite faces cut-throat competitors and has to stand out to succeed. Just recently theres been an online trading boom, with a load of new traders coming in.

The next step, however, is normally much more crucial. To succeed, a broker needs to supply a service that separates them from the sea of new brokerages. Thankfully, InvestLite provides trading conditions that can even take on established industry giants. Before we elaborate even more, lets take a look at some of our favourite functions:

Usually, when brokers attempt and please different groups of traders at as soon as, one of two things happens. Luckily, there are no such problems with InvestLite.



Charges are rapidly becoming a huge concern in online trading as time goes on. Thats why traders ought to always select brokerages that impose reasonable trading without extra payments, like InvestLite.


Analytics are the cornerstone of contemporary trading skills. As innovation has actually enhanced, the capability and tools to alleviate market predictions have ended up being a lot more available. Using those tools efficiently has ended up being a necessity for successful trading. Brokerages that do not have such options put you at a severe downside, impeding your chances of success. On the other hand, InvestLite has more than 30 top-grade analytical tools that serve to help its customers make educated and sensible choices.

Funds Trading and Security

Earlier in our InvestLite evaluation, we touched on the topic of the online brokerage world broadening quickly. An unwanted side impact of that growth is that numerous destructive business have actually emerged, aiming to take advantage of inexperienced traders.

On the other hand, traders that are prepared to show their loyalty with a more considerable payment get aptly rewarded. Thats specifically vital if you pick to use particular trading tactics.

Trading Accounts

There have been multiple cases where brokerages manage to trigger serious damage, even if regulated. As such, lots of professionals recommend only to trade with brokerages that delight in a positive credibility. Clients opinion of brokers is hardly a quantitative step, but its one that typically paints a realistic photo.

InvestLites trading accounts build on the brokers overall adaptability, permitting traders to personalize their experience based on their budget. Budget plan traders will not feel constrained by the fact that they havent put in a large investment.

When we look at the area of safety, its surprising how well InvestLite does, especially considering its still fresh. Its totally regular for a brand-new broker to have a rocky start, but InvestLite manages its security quite expertly. For beginners, the firm has actually already protected a regulator as an official step that shows its commitment to fairness. It holds a license from Belizes IFSC, implying InvestLite can get fined or totally ended upon any misbehaviour.

And even there, InvestLite stands out. The brokerage delights in a favorable credibility with customers, lots of praising its fairness and overall service level.

When you look at the accounts, its apparent that you cant fail. Each trader must pick the one that looks most attractive based upon the conditions and their willingness to invest. To make that decision simpler, here are some the advantages of each account:

Amount of FX leverage 1:200.


Available base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and so on

Fifth decimal.
Dedicated account supervisor.
Swap discount rate 25%.

Hedging. Quantity of FX utilize 1:400.


Offered base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, and so on

Customer support.

. The Trading Conditions at InvestLite.

Phone: +27108807931.

InvestLite utilizes one of the worlds most powerful and popular tools called the MetaTrader4. Both experienced and new traders are quite keen on the solution, as it has both an easily comprehended user interface and strong analytical possibilities. It also can be found in two kinds that make the trading process a lot more hassle-free and permit trader mobility. One is the WebTrader, which enables you to access the trading terminal from any desktop web browser. The other is the mobile app, which lets you trade over your phone or tablet as long as you have a stable web connection

Even moving past the strictly trading associated conditions, the broker doesnt let up. The security determines guarantee that traders can conduct their business without the concern of losing cash due to malpractices. Combining with that, the analytical tools permit traders to display their skills and reach their complete capacity. The whole experience is likewise free of any extra expenses, guaranteeing that the traders skill is the only factor identifying losses and wins.

The trading conditions at InvestLite cover rather a lot of ground and need to please a range of traders. The take advantage of possibility is high, enabling traders that prefer high-risk high-reward strategies to thrive. Next, the spreads are tight, resulting in a transparent experience without price shifts. Lastly, the brokerage covers all the typical asset categories, suggesting that no matter what instrument class you specialize in, you can utilize InvestLite.

InvestLites Trading Products.

Trading Platform.


Throughout our InvestLite evaluation, weve stated that their asset collection is powerful multiple times. It makes diversity simple, with over 350 trading items to choose from. It lets traders offer or purchase from any of the basic instrument classifications. InvestLites items fall under the following sections:.

Hedging. Quantity of FX utilize 1:500.

InvestLite has an assistance group that works 24/5. You can reach customer support representatives by utilizing either a phone, live chat, or e-mail address. The responses typically come rapidly, and the agents are rather kind.

Free VPS.
Customized financial investment news.
Offered base currencies: EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, etc


Fifth decimal.
Committed account manager.
Swap discount rate 50%.

Email: [e-mail safeguarded]

InvestLite Review: Conclusion.

In spite of InvestLites status as a new brokerage, theyve succeeded where many others have stopped working. The best thing is that considering that InvestLite is still brand-new, so theres an excellent chance theyll reveal rapid improvement and grow even further.

Fortunately, InvestLite provides trading conditions that can even contend with recognized market giants. Thats why traders need to constantly select brokerages that impose fair trading without additional payments, like InvestLite.

No matter if youre a trader focusing on crypto, forex, or any other asset, youre likely to discover it at InvestLite.

InvestLites trading accounts build on the brokers general adaptability, permitting traders to tailor their experience based on their budget. The trading conditions at InvestLite cover rather a lot of ground and should please a range of traders.

As the brokerage is absolutely well-rounded, we would suggest it as a prospective trading hub for any broker, regardless of experience or ability level.