Health Tech Newspaper interview with Stephen Townrow of The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

Health Tech Paper interview with Stephen Townrow of The Princess Alexandra Medical Facility NHS Trust

In their interview series, Health Tech Newspaper this week, speaks with Stephen Townrow, Imaging Systems Manager, at The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust.
Stephen talks about the intricacies of how improvements in the digital imaging technology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has permitted for cost saving, time conserving, and precision of medical diagnoses, all of which significantly culminate into enhanced patient results. Agfa HealthCare has happily been at the heart of that modification.
Thank you Stephen for the interview, happy to share. Access the complete article here.

For more on the combination of XERO Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams, click on this link for an interview with Dr James Diss, Radiology Registrar at Princess Alexandra Hospital

” We wanted something that was not just going to be a PACS for radiology, but a PACS for the entire trust, looking at the requirements of other specialisms, and producing a unified medical imaging strategy pathway.”” We made the choice in late 2017 to opt for Agfa. We were especially impressed by Agfas data migration; for previous jobs we had handled to migrate our information overnight– and it was a piece of cake!”

For more on the transition of Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust to Enterprise Imaging, checked out the complete story here.