Election night kicks off in the US with the first results

Out of the 270 seats in the Electoral College so far Joe Biden has 119 seats and Donald Trump holds 92.

According to Europa Press, prior to the election day, more than 99.65 million Americans voted. 35.7 million individuals have done so face to face in advance in the days leading up to Election Day and nearly 64 million people voted by mail.

Almost 100 million Americans had actually enacted advance before the polls opened on November 3. It is 72.3% of the total who voted in the 2016 elections, according to data from the US Election Project.

The United States started to close its polls on Tuesday night, and the very first results are already being released to discover out who will be the next US president between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The list of states where the outcomes of the election are produced

In Vermont, Joe Biden wins with 68.5% and Donald Trump with 28.8%.

In Georgia Donald Trump wins with 55.8% and Joe Biden with 43.2%.

In North Carolina, Joe Biden wins with 52.4% and Donald Trump with 46.5%.

In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden wins with 77.4% and Donald Trump with 20.3%.

In Massachusetts, Joe Biden wins with 52.6% and Donald Trump with 45.4%.

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Here is the list of the states where the outcomes of the presidential elections are verified..

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In Oklahoma Donald Trump wins with 56.9% and Joe Biden with 41%.

The US is experiencing the highest electoral turnout in a century with more than hundred million people casting their tallies in early voting prior to the election day, and 10s of millions more including their votes on Tuesday.

In Indiana Donald Trump wins with 60.2% and Joe Biden has 38%..

In Florida, Donald Trump wins with 50.9% and Joe Biden has 48.2%.

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In Texas, Joe Biden wins with 49.4% and Donald Trump with 49.2%.

In New Hampshire, Joe Biden wins with 57% and Donald Trump has 41.3%.

In Kentucky Donald Trump wins with 60% and Joe Biden has 38.4%..

In Michigan, Donald Trump wins with 57.1% and Joe Biden with 41%.

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In Ohio, Joe Biden wins with 60.1% and Donal Trump with 38.8%.

The outcome of the elections is still uncertain. Millions of votes remain uncounted, and none of the prospects can claim success yet..

In West Virginia, Donald Trump wins with 63.6% and Joe Biden with 34.8%.