Gilead should give up FDA voucher for remdesivir, patient advocates say

Maia Anderson –
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

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Read Public CItizens complete letter here.

The FDA said it gave Gilead the voucher for developing a drug to combat an infection that presented a “material risk” to public health. However Public Citizen argues Gilead does not should have the voucher due to the fact that remdesivir has revealed limited efficiency and it already stands to produce billions of dollars for the drugmaker..

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Public Citizen likewise stated U.S. taxpayers have contributed more than $70 million in support for remdesivir research study and development, and Gilead is charging the U.S. the greatest price for the drug out of all other nations..

Advocacy group Public Citizen composed to Gilead asking it to offer up a coupon offered to it by the FDA when granted approval for remdesivir, arguing that the voucher is “a totally unnecessary and unsuitable incentive” for the drug, which has actually already created millions of dollars for the drugmaker..

In the recently of October, Gilead reported that remdesivir created $873 million in sales in the third quarter of this year, which increased Gileads total profits by 17 percent from in 2015..

The FDA provided Gilead a priority review voucher when it authorized remdesivir for usage in dealing with COVID-19 clients, and the voucher provides Gilead the opportunity for sped up FDA evaluation time for another drug or to offer the coupon to other drugmakers. The coupon can be worth $100 million or more, STAT reported..

Gilead wrote to STAT, stating that “while the (voucher) is transferable, Gilead does not intend to offer the coupon, provided the many investigational substances in our pipeline that our company believe have the potential to change the treatment of major diseases for private clients and to advance worldwide health.”.