HHS screened political views of 270+ celebrities for $265M COVID-19 ad campaign

Jackie Drees –
Friday, October 30th, 2020

3 House panels are declaring that HHS paid a specialist to screen 274 celebs for their political consider as part of a messed up $265 million public service campaign on COVID-19, according to an Oct. 29 CNBC report.

7 information:.

1. Home Democrats penned a letter Oct. 29 to HHS Secretary Alex Azar and sent out along HHS documents that show the agency paid contractor Atlas to veterinarian 274 stars for their views on political concerns such as gay marital relationship and abortion rights.

2. HHS utilized the “PSA Celebrity Tracker” to track the political views of celebrities being considered for the $265 million COVID-19 civil service project, which your home leaders declared was developed to additional President Trumps “partisan political agenda” before the Nov. 3 presidential election.

3. The star tracker database likewise lists political leanings of numerous artists, arrest histories, drinking or drug problems, sexual misbehavior and which section of the population they interested.

4. The questions found that HHS communications main Michael Caputo, who is presently on a 60-day leave of lack since September from his post, sought to step in directly in communications in between company professionals and employees.

5. An HHS official stated a “evaluation is continuous” of the advertising campaign and that “the plan has actually always been to only use products evaluated by a department-wide team of experts consisting of scientists from CDC who will make sure the latest clinical details is utilized to provide essential public health, healing and vaccine info.”.

5. The advertising campaign is being presented through a minimum of two agreements, according to your house committee. These are a $250 million contract granted to interactions firm Fors Marsh and a $15 million agreement granted to D.C.-based Atlas.

6. Atlas representatives did not return CNBCs ask for comment, and Fors Marsh CEO Ben Garthwaite told the network that his firm has not been involved in vetting celebrities which “we have actually never satisfied Mr. Caputo nor have we had contact with any Trump-appointed HHS officials.”.

7. The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 25 that HHS canceled a $250 million civil service COVID-19 advertising campaign, organized by Mr. Caputo, that would have offered early access to vaccines for Santa Claus entertainers in exchange for promoting the benefits of getting the vaccination.

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5. The advertisement project is being rolled out through at least two contracts, according to the House committee. These are a $250 million contract granted to interactions firm Fors Marsh and a $15 million contract awarded to D.C.-based Atlas.

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