Diets & Modern Human: How Staying at Extremes of the Spectrum Ruins Lives

A lot of young people with a quest to look a particular way, feel healthy, and even mask among their numerous dependencies, fall into the deep pit of extreme diets and fad consuming procedures. This cravings for health and attention is one of the greatest reasons that 70% of the youth is struggling with at least one form of an eating condition or a mental health problem.

This dream, a chimera in your brain, affects both your truth and subconscious. The constant worry of eating the wrong food, anxiously checking labels, and always surviving on the edge– ask yourself, is this what you wanted out of your health journey?

Why are modern-day human beings consumed with the idea of diets? Why is everyone having this undying desire to feel special? This obsession leads us to follow a diet plan or a specific health guru, persuaded it would guarantee improvement of some sort. As such, we ignore our natural instincts and let an illusion of perfection corrupt our fundamental self.

What awaits us at the end of this strenuous pathway? Lets dive deep:

1The Fat Phobia

It was at the beginning of the early 1950s when commerce products were introduced to the customers. And, one such product was the vegetable oil and margarine (hydrogenated fat), which marked the start of the “fall of the fats”.

Quickly, individuals were fed with deceptive details about the excellent fats, animal protein, and some cooked fats, such as butter and ghee. Even though business had revenue and health both in mind, this “avoid fat” motion made individuals paranoid about their health.
They started taking their calories seriously, consuming less fats, and decreased in between diet plans like a pendulum. It was a journey to find a diet that lets them include no fats at all.

2The Body Dysmorphia

Is the mirror in your room an enemy? You might have borderline image dysmorphia. Individuals are not familiar with the truth that our brains are 48% cholesterol. There are many studies showing that absence of fats and cholesterol in the diet plan often causes a condition called body image dysmorphia. An individual struggling with this condition has a distorted sense of existence and often projects their physical insecurities that do not even exist or are preferably not worth mentioning.
Physical attributes end up being a fascination and a persons peace of mind may start to fall apart. A skinny girl might not feel highly of herself and aim to get even leaner, or an overweight private believes he is at a healthy weight. There are likewise instances when one consumes over diet plans, diet plan strategies, and fats in the food. Thus, this breakdown in the brain can warp truth that makes those who suffer from the condition struggle much more.

3Disturbing Behavioral Patterns

Notice the youth. Do they appear weird? Ask about their daily calorie intake and the replies shall leave you baffled. The modern-day human is delusional, typically connecting for that impression of ideal health. Switching from one diet plan to another, ludicrous fasting procedures, practices, such as keto, veganism, fruitarianism, and only-seeds diet have actually wreaked havoc on their bodies.
A research study by Harvard University mentions that lack of certain nutrients like cholesterol triggers fits of rage, severe tattooing, anger issues, sexual assault, drugs, and even anxiety. The biggest pharmaceutical weapon- the anti-cholesterol, is often considered the offender behind these self-sabotage tendencies in senior individuals or young grownups on these medications.

4Cognitive Distortion

Cognitive distortion restrains reasonable thinking and undermines the doer state of mind. A distorted sense of reality, castle in the air setting, and negative thought patterns are some of the noticeable symptoms. People with cognitive distortion discover themselves caught in their erroneous perception of reality.
Myelin, the intricate web of nerves covering the main anxious system, is a thick layer that protects the brain. Myelin needs fats and cholesterol to function appropriately. People who follow strict diet plans and concentrate on the exterior image absence dietary fats and HDL (excellent cholesterol) in their meals.
The prolonged absence of fats starves the myelin and this triggers the parasympathetic nerve system. Depression, anger concerns, and illogical thinking start to unfold. Observe long-term vegans and their speech problems.

5Eating Disorders

The catastrophic occasions, with their roots in ones childhood, ultimately results into some form of an eating condition. Bulimia nervosa, anorexia, and behaviors to recoup the self-sabotage activities, such as self-induced vomiting, laxative overuse, social media, and sexual activities are the undertones that no one likes to discuss.
Past trauma and extreme diets are some of the identified prime perpetrators. Statistical information on bulimia nervosa reveals that 1.7% -2.0% of adult women and 0.5-0.7% of men, worldwide, struggle with a lifetime eating disorder and go to rehabilitations to counter relapse. Moreover, the information also specifies that 17% of the recovered subjects are likely to regression.
People who struggle with an eating disorder escape frontline medical diagnosis and are confused with individuals who are just dropping weight due to stress or some kind of work. Psychiatric therapy and total assistance from relative are some of the surefire methods to assist the clients.

6Amenorrhea & & Body Hair Epidemic

A great deal of influencers online take this as a regular biological process and regard it as a method to achieve greater awareness. The medical journals detect this condition as amenorrhea. A condition, quite similar to anorexia, in which the subject loses their duration due to poor nutrition, as well as malabsorption, and establish body hair. When the individual is declared infertile or incapable to procreate, this condition reaches its severity.
There is an odd war between the obvious and some scam, a run-in in between the inner body signals and deep indoctrination. The contemporary human, unlike hominids in the paleolithic period who listened to their survival instincts, chooses listening to half-baked information.
The severe diets, the serious health procedures, and all this for what? This is just to shed the skin we are expected to be in and wear something that is totally unusual to our genuine self– both biologically and spiritually.

As much as you would love to admit how social networks produced uncommon gigs, it is similarly disappointing to see that it glorifies absurdity also. A few of the strange online activities that slowly became a trend are: fat acceptance (even if it kills you), body hair, acne acceptance, beauty DIYs, and loss of menstruation. Yes, you read it right– loss of period.

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Author: Vineeta Tiwari

Vineeta Tiwari is an enthusiastic author and a side-project fanatic. As a side-project, she is also associated with a Government of India job, which aims to educate and uplift students from rural locations.

Why are contemporary people obsessed with the idea of diet plans? There are various research studies proving that lack of fats and cholesterol in the diet plan typically leads to a condition called body image dysmorphia. Switching from one diet to another, ludicrous fasting procedures, practices, such as keto, veganism, fruitarianism, and only-seeds diet plan have wreaked havoc on their bodies.
People who follow strict diet plans and focus on the outside image lack dietary fats and HDL (excellent cholesterol) in their meals.
Past injury and severe diet plans are some of the spotted prime culprits.