Maine hospital workers call for CEO’s firing

Unionized staff members of Calais (Maine) Regional Hospital are calling for the termination of CEO Rod Boula..

” Why would the board wish to fire a person that is doing their job? If it had not been for his efforts, there would have been a very great possibility that the medical facility would have had to close its doors two years back.”

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Union members stated they have no confidence in Mr. Boulas management capability to direct the health center.

Regarding Mr. Boulas performance, health center board chair Ron McAlpine and health center board vice chair Everett Libby stated in a news release: “Rod Boula is doing what he was hired to do.”.

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Unionized workers also compete in the petition that Calais Regional has not sensibly invested cash and spent more than $8,000 per bargaining session with the signed up nurses/ medical lab researchers, in spite of the union offering to continue the previous contract. In addition, they accuse the hospital of only sporadically working out with technical workers, not always paying staff members insurance costs in a timely manner and forcing particular staff members to work back-to-back shifts without enough rest to safely travel to and from work..

” Because we are members of the Maine State Nurses Association, we are the hospital employees who have the most protection to speak out to safeguard our clients and this hospital that we enjoy,” begins a petition sent to the hospital board of directors, healthcare facility board of trustees and the Calais City Council on Oct. 28.

Calais Regional stated it wants to resolve issues of personnel and the requirements of the community, while staying knowledgeable about the present health care environment and is acting to enhance efficiency by balancing access, improving quality and reducing cost..

” The healthcare facility is actively working on a lot of the concerns that the union members specify need to be attended to,” the health centers statement stated. ” Sadly, in lots of instances the union does not share our vision or concur with our solution. However, CRH administration will continue to speak up for our clients and work for the best interests of our personnel as a whole.”.

The health center acknowledged invoice of the letter in a declaration shared with Beckers and kept that the medical facility has negotiated in good faith with the Maine State Nurses Association to acquire a contract and offered numerous dates to meet union members, only to be met “lackluster action.” The RN/medical lab researcher bargaining unit began settlements in 2018, and the bargaining system of technical employees organized more than one year back..

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” We have concluded that one individual is responsible for these issues in our health center, our workplace and in our community,” the petition states. “As the CEO, Rod Boula is the one who has actually ultimately made the choices that have actually put us in this current situation, regardless of him blaming many other people and situations for his own failure at his job.”.

CRH administration will continue to speak up for our patients and work for the finest interests of our personnel as a whole.”.

Kelly Gooch –
Thursday, October 29th, 2020

The no-confidence petition, signed by 17 percent of the hospital staff, details what caused the unions conclusion, consisting of the health centers personal bankruptcy filing in September 2019, in which it claimed to be about $25 million in debt. Union members said they do not understand of a strategy to leave the bankruptcy, and staff members have not received an update on the health of the medical facility from the medical facility administration in months.