XRHealth to Launch Virtual Reality Telehealth Clinic in Israel In November

What You Must Know:

The companys medical applications are approved by the.
Ministry of Health and the treatments are reimbursable through insurance.
hmos and service providers (based upon private protection).

” In the age of COVID-19, theres a necessary need to offer health care services from another location and VR innovation enables us to offer a broad variety of telehealth treatments that far exceed an easy video call,” states Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth. “Now, patients in Israel have access to the first-rate healthcare treatments, all from the comfort of their houses.”.

— The VR-driven telehealth center treats patients in
The Israeli-based clinic will offer clients with a VR headset in your home to access various virtual treatment rooms with numerous healing exercises. Patients are coupled with a licensed clinician who assesses them, produces a treatment plan, monitors their development, and changes the treatment strategy based on the patients actual results. Clients can communicate with their clinicians and track their progress using the XRHealth mobile app.

The center will be powered by leading medical centers in.
Israel and around the globe and uses licensed clinicians who are trained in.
VR treatment, including physical therapists, physical therapists,.
psychologists, and more.

< Insurance coverage Coverage. -- XRHealth reveal it will launch a new virtual reality telehealth clinic in Israel, slated to open on November 1st.