6 million medical gloves stolen from Florida supplier

” Its heartbreaking to understand that healthcare workers doing their best to look after others” will be affected by the theft, Mr. Grimes told the Times..
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The container was parked at Medgluvs filling dock when, according to security footage, a semitruck and white pickup brought up to it. Burglars hooked the container to their trucks and drove away..

On Oct. 27, police told Mr. Grimes the container had actually been discovered entirely empty near Miami, Fla. He said he does not understand who took the gloves..

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” Thats why health centers were, for absence of a better term, shouting” for the gloves, Rick Grimes, Medgluvs vice president of sales and marketing told the Times..

A shipping container holding more than 6 million medical gloves meant for three medical facility systems was taken from a supplier in Florida this week, The New York Times reported..

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Maia Anderson –
Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

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The gloves, which were jointly worth numerous countless dollars, were provided to the supplier, Medgluv, Oct. 23 in Coral Springs, Fla. The gloves had actually been running 12 days late throughout their shipment from a maker in Malaysia, the Times reported..