What Each Zodiac Hates The Most About Being Sick

You dislike relying on others to assist you. You hate requiring them to go to the shop for you and prepare for you and pour medicine for you.


You dislike spending hours and hours asleep. You dislike seeming like you lost a completely excellent day.

You hate wondering whether your employer is going to seethe youre missing work. You hate feeling like you arent fulfilling expectations.




You hate missing work and/or class. You hate seeming like youre falling behind.



You hate the way other individuals look down on you for being sick, as if its your fault.


You dislike feeling ineffective. You dislike knowing you could be doing other things however are too tired to accomplish them.

You dislike not having the ability to kiss your partner. You hate keeping your range to prevent getting them sick, too.

You hate feeling lazy. You know youre just listening to your body and doing the best thing, but you cant shake the guilt you feel.


When youre ill, you dislike the FOMO youre struck with. You feel like youre missing out on out on something amazing.




You hate not physically being able to do the important things youre psychologically thinking about doing. You hate how powerless you feel.


You dislike that you dont get to enjoy your time off since youre miserable. You dislike youre lastly getting a break and it draws.

You dislike catching yourself in the mirror. You hate looking as bad as you feel.