Flash radiation therapy can help treat cancer without harmful effects, study finds

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The cost of a Flash irradiation machine “will disappear and possibly less than common linear accelerators used in existing medical practice that usually run from $5 million to $9 million,” Charles Limoli, PhD, a scientist and professor of radiation oncology at University of California Irvine, told Beckers..

” Its not unreasonable to anticipate that in 10 years, this might end up being a prevalent alternative for radiotherapy patients worldwide,” Dr. Limoli informed the news website at UC Irvine.

Erica Carbajal –
Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Flash radiation therapy, also called Flash-RT, can get rid of the devastating adverse effects related to standard radiation treatment by delivering the very same dosage in tenths of seconds, and can eliminate tumors, according to a research study published in Clinical Cancer Research..

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Scientists used Flash-RT to eliminate brain tumors in mice and discovered it to be just as efficient as the conventional method. Mice were kept track of for one month after Flash-RT exposure, according to the research study..

Flash-RTs ability to eliminate the toxicities of standard radiation treatments has been formerly studied, however this research likewise concluded that the treatment is successfully able to eliminate tumors, a previous concern about the efficacy of Flash-RT..