30 Binge-Worthy Documentaries That Will Change The Way You Look At The World

Ask Reddit assembled a list of the best documentaries you can watch today!

1. The Imposter (2012 ). About a young boy who went missing out on in Texas, then a boy from Spain makes the claim hes the missing kid 3 years later, despite an accent, various colored eyes, hair, and so on. And the family supports the claim, but theres more to it. Among those stories that if it werent real, nobody would believe.

I understood that the octopuses are quite smart, but the documentary took it to another level. The documentary was based on this person who went diving every day for 300+ days to befriend an octopus and earn her trust. He tape-recorded the octopus playing with fishes, developing hunting methods, etc.

I always thought making sushi was kind of a lazy art due to the fact that its really simply a rice ball and raw fish. It made me truly appreciate those who specialize in any field. Extremely suggest this one.

The filmmakers record individuals leaping to their death from the Golden Gate bridge. One of the most dismal films Ive ever seen.

5. The Social Dilemma on Netflix. Truly altered my views on social media.

6. World Earth is actually an extraordinary series, there isnt a single episode that didnt leave me speechless at some point.

7. Restrepo was fucken insane. I was deployed in the very same location throughout the exact same time (summer, 2008). Simply a different unit. When it came out I enjoyed it with my household and kept stopping briefly the video to show them photos of me in the precise same place they were.

Sebastian Junger likewise wrote a book besides the documentary called War. Highly recommend.

Theres a follow-up doc called Korengal thats on Amazon right now which files how those dudes are doing today.

8. Icarus. This one was such a fucking flight. Envision going from just experimenting with doping to see if you could win a small biking competition to literally uncovering among the most significant doping scandals in Olympic history.

9. Imagine a Life has to do with a female whos discovered dead in her apartment, in a state of decay that shows she had been dead for 3 years. Not lots of shows or movies make me sob, but this one did. Like actual sobbing.

10. Wont You Be My Neighbor? — a thoughtful, incisive appearance at the life and tradition of Fred Rogers, otherwise called Mister Rogers. It is great.

11. Ken Burns The Vietnam War.

It ought to be seen in every history classroom in the US.

US education doesnt come close to painting a clear photo of the war. What a tragic waste of life. That period was so monstrously fucked up that anyone who watches it will think: “Today isnt so bad.”

As the New York Times put it, the documentary: “Will break your heart and win your mind.”

One of the most extensive and horrifying documentaries Ive ever seen. Soldiers on both sides, spies, diplomats, and residents who were captured in the middle all share their experiences and viewpoints.

12. Jim & & Andy: The Great Beyond. Its about Jim Carey being a fucking nut while shooting Man on the Moon. His work as Tony Clifton is excellent shit.

13. BlackFish. Really opened my mind to what SeaWorld and zoos in general finish with animals in captivity such as Orcas. When I was 17 and Ill never go once again, only went to SeaWorld as soon as.

14. I have so much problem trying to get individuals to see this given that its kinda hard to explain without spoiling and/or making it sound like some sort of fetish pornography.

15. If you have not already, you must likewise enjoy The Dawn Wall. Its a fantastic documentary about climbing El Capitan, and how among the very best huge wall climbers ever became the very first person to climb a brand-new route up El Cap, a path which is commonly thought about to be among the most technically tough climbs worldwide. Its readily available on Netflix

16. Mommy Dead and Dearest the documentary about Gypsy Rose Blanchard encouraging her partner to eliminate her abusive mom. When she had no requirement for it, for over 14 years her mom restricted her to a wheelchair. It was insane that no one in their lives knew which she got doctors to do multiple surgeries on her child she didnt need.

17. Theres Something Wrong with Aunt Diane. A story about functioning addicts, enabling, and pure injury. Touches house to numerous individuals experiencing similar household characteristics. Heartbreaking.

I actually watched the movie dramatisation initially not understanding it was based on truth and spent the movie complaining it was ridiculous and far fetched. No one might be that silly. No, its too much.

Then I found there was a documentary and viewed that. If anything the real people were even more cretinous than the movie made them appear !!

Amazed me.

19. The Keepers totally opened my eyes to the pedophiles in the Catholic Church. I went to a Catholic grade school because period, which documentary blew my mind.

It actually blew my mind while I was viewing those outrageous family dynamics. I still question how on earth they managed to get everybody involved to talk about it on camera.

21. American Murder; The Family Next Door.

The documentary was well edited using pre-recorded information, so it felt more chilling to me.

I keep in mind reading about it in 2018, so I understood the outcome (who murdered whom), but I had no understanding of the information.

Ive satisfied pathological liars in my life time, yet it still blows my mind (to answer the concern) that people truly believe they can get away with outright and apparent lies. When murder isnt on the table, its absurd.

22. Anything by Werner Herzog however particularly Grizzly Man.

A strange and very sad and incredible account of a male who lived in the wilderness among grizzly bears. Some documentarians would romanticize the scenario but Herzogs entirely unromantic and blunt commentary makes it fantastic.

Maybe not astonishing so much as eye-opening. This documentary was, at times, actually difficult for me to see, however it helped me confront and conquer my own prejudgments about the wheelchair-bound.

24. Since it started out normal but each episode simply got weirder and weirder, Tiger King was terrific. By the end, all I might think was … too much occurred and nearly all of it was insane.

Three Identical Strangers. Everyone must view.

26. The Last Dance. I am the most minimal basketball fan ever and I was riveted by this program.

27. How to Die in Oregon. As soon as and had the most emotional reaction to any doc/movie Ive ever seen before, watched it. Cant enjoy it once again, however I would extremely recommend that YOU inspect it out. In my viewpoint, society ought to extend much grace and grace to terminally ill people who want to live (or not) by themselves terms.

Attenborough calls on his witness declaration in which he shares his issues concerning environment change and explains his personal experiences seeing the damage of our world over his 90 years. It was a wonderful documentary, and I would really much advise it.

I didnt understand much about the Cuban Missle Crisis in advance but I found out a lot about how close we came to full-scale nuclear war. Theres a load of other details from that age as well that really surprised me.

30. They Shall Not Grow Old. Extraordinary WWI remastered video.

I have so much difficulty attempting to get individuals to enjoy this because its kinda hard to explain without spoiling and/or making it sound like some sort of fetish porn. I actually enjoyed the film dramatisation initially not knowing it was based on truth and invested the movie complaining it was ridiculous and far brought. It actually blew my mind while I was enjoying those crazy family dynamics. Enjoyed it once and had the most emotional response to any doc/movie Ive ever seen prior to.

That era was so monstrously fucked up that anyone who views it will think: “Today isnt so bad.”