Why Chasing Happiness Won’t Make You Happy

“Happiness resembles a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will avert you, but if you notice the other things around you, it will carefully sit and come on your shoulder.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

What if the pursuit of joy is continuous? Have we ever considered the cautions of going after joy? To conserve you from months of suffering, Ill share a little of my life experience. From being a common college kid to suffering from anxiety, it was my pursuit of joy that brought me down.

Our pursuit of joy resembles a coyote going after a roadrunner. What happens? Much like the roadrunner, joy slips out of our hands every single time. This leads us to a few concerns …

The majority of us are constantly on the lookout for a huge breakthrough– a point in our life where the beam balance ideas to optimum happiness so we can take pleasure in everlasting happiness. What can we do to arrive?

The Obsession Phase

Though I sat before my laptop for practically one-third of the day, I might have achieved the exact same amount of operate in a single hour. I got brought away with my incorrect meaning of success, and this distanced me from my good friends, which Im not proud to confess.

One fine day a great for a short story popped brief my mind.

Fast-forward fifteen days later, my everyday screen time still averaged around eight to 10 hours. I was the most hard-core addict you could ever discover. It wasnt a great indication, and I frantically wanted to relieve myself from the clutches of my mobile phone. So this time I did something various: I offered my mobile phone and got myself a shabby Nokia 3310.

It was a “life-altering experience.” It filled me with everlasting delight immediately, and … all right, Im gon na stop lying. I just wanted to pretend to be an Instagram influencer who dumps their phones for thirty days and declares the experience to be life-changing! As if it could be that simple.

It was 2018. I was consumed with smartphones, and my typical screen time daily was 10 hours. Getting stuck in a vicious circle of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for hours left me sluggish and miserable. In a vain effort to gain my life back, I erased all social media accounts. Every social media app went right out the window.

It wasnt that I d compose all the time; I d invest the majority of my mornings hesitating, sitting before my desk or banging my head on it for concepts. I focused on the concept that more work = much better chances of success = better possibilities of ending up being happy. The lack of sleep, bit by bit, was taking a toll on my body, and I was turning into an impulsive, depressed, insomniac zombie.

A book intervened and conserved me from becoming a zombie who banquets on his roomies brain for breakfast. The chapter on the importance of sleep made me understand how dumb I d been. I finally comprehended the workaholic insanity I was under.

Over 7 hours of free time with absolutely nothing to do. I was tired to tears during the very first couple of days, and I spent much of my time looking at my pals with their glossy little companions. Days rolled by …

Thankfully, my thoughtful good friends overlooked my mistakes and still read the entire thing. And they (sort of) liked it. Not that I was some writing prodigy or whatever, however it wasnt bad for a first timer. This kindled writing dreams in me … and things began going downhill from here.

I was disappointed that success and fame would make me delighted. With this false belief, composing became my new drug of choice. Fast forward a couple of months, I would awaken as early as 4:30 in the early morning and after that would work till midnight.

Every evening after college, I raced to the library to write my story. Weeks passed and I finished my initial draft. Guess what? I published it too … packed with lots of mistakes and typos, but still, I did it!

With absolutely nothing much to do, and with zero expectations, I began composing.

The Recovery Phase

A week later, I realized I got more quality work done in one to two hours than I had the ability to achieve in eight, when I was getting poor quality sleep. And with each passing month, things improved and much better. This got me thinking …

I composed for enjoyment, began hanging around with good friends, went to movies, and took a couple of brief journeys. None of this was possible in my workaholic days.

” Why am I so pleased even though Im working less? Why am I pleased although Im not trying to be delighted?”

Thats when I came across this idea.

How Happiness Works

Due to the fact that I love doing this things, I hung around my friends and went to films. This creates happiness. I never meant to become pleased by viewing a flick, I just wished to enjoy a film, and I rejoiced as a result.

Even if you successfully find happiness after a long chase, I bet it will not last long– I didnt say this, science does– thanks to hedonic adaptation, the observed propensity of people to rapidly return to a reasonably stable level of joy in spite of significant favorable or negative events or life modifications.

Chasing after joy is counterintuitive.

If you d find joy by playing cricket or LEGO blocks? You did things if you liked them, not because you intellectually decided they were the essential to happiness.

Psst … I am gon na inform you how happiness works. (Cue drumroll) Happiness is an effect, not a cause nor a location.

The activities themselves create joy.
You dont set out to accomplish joy. Rather, you take pleasure in the activity.

So rather of asking what makes you happy, ask what do you delight in doing?

I take pleasure in the following things. Possibly something here could work for you.

How Can You Enjoy Life More?

Art, music, writing, gardening, cooking, programming, dance, developing are a couple of examples out of a million. If you are attempting to find your enthusiasm, there are a couple things you require to understand,


– Passion never ever shows up at your doorstep. You have to create it. This indicates that you keep dealing with random things that in turn produce your love for an activity, not the other way around. Just after composing 3 brief stories and fifteen sh * tty blog posts did I discover my enthusiasm for composing.

– The only reason to be passionate about something is due to the fact that you love the activity in itself, not due to the fact that you can generate income out of it. And its completely cool if you do not make cash out of your passion– when you follow your enthusiasm it does not feel like work? I still like composing and wish to hold on to it forever. Its not my love for writing that destroyed me. The desire to be well-known and going after happiness did that.

Pursue Work/Life Balance

Whether youre eighteen or eighty, you will not enjoy if you exhaust yourself, nor if you invest all your time binge-watching TELEVISION programs. Constantly try to have a balance so you have time to get things done, time to enjoy things you love, and time to simply be.

Channel Your Stress Well

To sum up: Stop chasing after joy, it makes your life even worse. Engage yourself in activities that you enjoy in a variety of fields, e.g.: socializing, enthusiasm, pastimes.

Humans are social animals, so lets imitate it. Go on a family journey, plan a video game night with buddies (virtual or face to face), or merely have supper with your household together. Odds are, when youre laughing with people you like youll be so present in the minute you will not consider anything, not to mention finding happiness.

Take care of the body you reside in.


To summarize: Stop chasing after happiness, it makes your life even worse.

Our pursuit of happiness is like a coyote going after a roadrunner. Just like the roadrunner, joy slips out of our hands every single time. Psst … I am gon na tell you how joy works. You did things if you liked them, not due to the fact that you intellectually decided they were the crucial to joy.


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Its easier to binge Netflix after a tiring day at work. How about working out, taking your dog for a walk, watering your plants, or taking your kids to an ice cream parlor? Discover things that you enjoy and carry your tension that way instead of mindlessly scrolling social media..

Good rest powers you up for a great day, whereas sleep deprivation destroys your mood and your health. So sleep well, and exercise at least 3 times a week to get your blood and endorphins flowing. You neednt bench 300 pounds. A fifteen-minute jog would do the task.