The Eagle and The Crow – A Powerful Motivational Story

The Eagle and The Crow– A Powerful Motivational Story (Animation)– Motivational Speech– Fearless Motivation
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I came across this image and story a few days ago and had to share it with you all.
The image, as you can see, is of a crow, sitting on the back of an eagle. The crow is biting the eagle as it is flying, high in the sky.
The story says:

Now listen to this:
” The eagle does not combat or react with the crow. It just opens up its wings and begins to increase higher and higher in the sky.”
” The greater the eagle flies, the harder it is for the crow to breathe, and then, due to an absence of oxygen, the crow falls away and the eagle is free.”

When youre not good enough to handle them, problems can just disrupt you. IMPROVE.

When people criticise you: GO HIGHER.When life difficulties you: GO HIGHER.When there seems to be unlimited problems pecking at you: GO HIGHER!

You go higher by GETTING BETTER! You go higher by doing that WORK ON YOU.

You can select to eliminate whatever, wasting your valuable energy and getting no place … or you can SOAR HIGHER like the eagle and watch all of your obstacles vanish.

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Then, when the crows of life appear, they wont remain around for long, since they will not have the ability to BREATHE at your level!
A lot of difficulties vanish when you go HIGHER.

So when life obstacles you today, be an EAGLE … GO HIGHER!

Stop wasting your time with the CROWS of LIFE!
The crow represents all the obstacles of LIFE!
The crow represents numerous things in your life … Some individuals that ought to not remain in your life … critics … viewpoints … diversions … all the inconveniences of life. Everything that is pecking at you, prodding you, disturbing you, AND challenging you.

” The only bird that will attempt peck at an eagle is the crow. The crow rests on the eagles back and bites his neck.”

When youre not good enough to handle them, issues can just interrupt you.
Your LIFE enhances when YOU enhance. Your response to EVERY CHALLENGE life tosses at you is STRONGER … and so it makes sense that your LIFE will be STRONGER when YOU improve!.