Why Each Zodiac Can Come Across As Antisocial Sometimes




Sometimes, they put in their earphones and sunglasses, and look like they do not desire to be bothered.

Sometimes, they refuse invites out because they would rather hang out in their own homes where they can actually unwind.

Sometimes, they take out their phone and spend excessive time texting instead of focusing on the conversations around them.


Often, they have their head in a book and are unconcerned to the world around them.



In some cases, they get lost in their own world and do not even remember that there are other people around.

Sometimes, they clam up and dont contribute anything to the discussion since theyre concentrated on listening rather.

Often, they stick so close to their finest friend that no one else gets the chance to have a conversation with them..





Sometimes, they pull back into the cooking area at parties to help with the food and the cleansing, and dont get an opportunity to socialize.

Often, they are tired from all the running around theyve been doing and prefer to be alone.

In some cases, they get self-conscious and conceal themselves away in a bathroom or bed room to avoid talking.


In some cases, they get distracted and do not respond to texts, then leave them unanswered for weeks.


In some cases, they offer one-word, ironical responses that make it appear like they arent interested in a conversation.