Flip the Script: How to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

I was mad and disappointed and depressed.

And I sobbed silent tears of anguish, feeling a deep sense of misery that felt like a weight hanging from my sternum, moving along the ground like an anchor.

“You cant stop unfavorable thoughts from popping into your head, but you can pick to stop letting them manage you and your life.” ~ Lori Deschene

I did what Ive learned is the best thing to assist calm me down: I went for a walk.

I wasnt talented enough.

I walked.

Im unsatisfactory.

I wasnt excellent enough.

I d been there previously.

I was a failure.

Some of us are more prone to unfavorable ideas. They begin subtle and peaceful, a little voice in the background of your life, till unexpectedly theyre shouting at you that youre not good enough. They shout so loud therefore typically you think its your own voice and you begin to agree.

There was one day in specific, a few years earlier, where this problem became clear to me.

I looked down at the ground straight in front of me and treked along from my area into the next one, listening to the unfiltered unfavorable ideas hammering in my mind.

Things had broken, things had actually spilled. Things had actually burnt, things had actually been damaged.

I pushed myself into a coat and hat and hugged my body tight as I tromped outside, slamming the door behind me. What I truly wished to do was curl up in a ball and disappear, but I could not let that take place since I understood it would spiral out of control. My thoughts would swirl and increase, and I would shake and weep and scream and my body would be pirated by these feelings for the rest of the day.

I cant do anything right.

I was a burden on those around me.

I could feel my body ending up being a growing number of tense, my muscles seizing and my fists clenching. I had what I call “bad energy,” and I understood if I didnt do something soon, I d have a full-blown panic attack.

Why cant I catch a break?

A sob left my lips with this last thought.

The negativity continued to peck away at me, and I continued crying and strolling.

I took a look around and believed intensely about a principle that had just raced through my mind, so rapidly I almost missed it.

In my mind there was this voice, my voice, saying all these mean features of myself, and I was simply … letting it. I was letting it occur. Not only was I letting it take place, I was concurring with it.

I thought of if a good friend or liked one had come to me and started saying these negative things about themselves, would I let them talk about themselves that method? No, I would attempt to remind them of all the good things and attempt to make them feel better.

As I rounded the next corner, I looked up briefly at the horizon and concerned a sudden stop.

I was being an overall jerk.

I was permitting those thoughts to have power over me.

Why was I letting myself do it?

No, Im not, Im a failure. Im a concern. Im not excellent at anything.

When I got back to my own door and completed my walk, I was light and open. My muscles were unwinded, and I was all set to start my next task.

I said no to the unfavorable ideas and continued with my positive affirmations. I let the unfavorable thoughts circulation through and focused my mind on the positive ones.

I am capable.

What would occur if I tried to turn the script and give myself praise instead? What would happen if I treated myself the way I would treat anybody else if they were saying these aspects of themselves?

I am accomplished.

I was calmer. I was more positive. I was believing more clearly than I had in a long time.


I tried.

The thought had actually struck me so quickly and so difficult I had stopped walking in the middle of the street.

Im not a mean person, and theres no method I would ever state the things I was saying to myself to somebody else.

The negative thoughts kept sneaking back in and I didnt have much control over that, but I understood I did have control over how I reacted to them. I did have control over including the favorable ideas to supply a counterbalance and help lift me out of the darkness.

A car beeped and I jumped in the air.

I am useless. I am not– NO.

With a fast wave of apology, I started to stroll once again, this time a little bit more gradually as I was so concentrated on my ideas.

I was happier.

I am deserving.

I am talented.

As time went on, I discovered myself strolling with my direct, looking ahead, arms swinging, back straight.


When I had started my walk that had seemed difficult.


I am strong.

I am strong.

My arms fell from the hugging myself position and were down at my sides, fists no longer clenched in anger.

I am loved.

That negative voice wasnt releasing so easily. It had actually ended up being the dominant voice in my head for years without me recognizing it, and it was utilized to being in charge.

I have been through things the majority of people cant even imagine, and Im still here.

What, exactly, had taken place?

Second, I all of a sudden recognized that not only was I being mean to myself with my negative ideas, I was letting it take place and allowing those unfavorable thoughts to have control over me. I was letting that negative voice tear me down and providing it far excessive credit.

Third, I challenged myself to state positive things in the form of “I am” statements. These statements can be extremely powerful in assisting not simply overcome your negative thoughts, however avoid them from ending up being overwhelming, when you do them routinely.

You cant always select your thoughts. In some cases those unfavorable ideas will pop into your head unbidden, whichs okay. The essential thing is you acknowledge that its taking place and try to breathe out that unfavorable energy, letting it stream through you, and turn your focus purposefully to more empowering objectives and thoughts.

Its hard, particularly when theyve ended up being such a routine, but the good news is you can make brand-new practices, ones that help you be a better, much healthier individual overall.

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I understand a walk can increase blood flow, clear toxic substances, release endorphins, reduce swelling, open your lungs, and more. I know from experience and research that walking is among the very best things you can do for these concerns, so I pressed myself to do it.

You dont need to let your negative thoughts take control of.

Some of us are more prone to negative thoughts. My thoughts would swirl and multiply, and I would cry and shake and shriek and my body would be hijacked by these emotions for the rest of the day.

I wasnt being a great friend to myself.

Now I start every morning listing off a minimum of 10 favorable statements to conquer and try and avoid the negative ideas prior to they even start. And if they do start to creep in there, which happens, I do all the lots of things I know can help, like going for a walk, having excellent posture, using breathing strategies, stretching, and focusing on all the important things for which Im grateful.

You cant constantly choose your ideas. Sometimes those unfavorable thoughts will pop into your head unbidden, and thats okay. The essential thing is you acknowledge that its happening and attempt to breathe out that negative energy, letting it flow through you, and turn your focus purposefully to more empowering objectives and thoughts.

First, I recognized that my anxiety and anxiety were starting to take control of my body. I realized an anxiety attack or depressive episode was only minutes away, so I opted for a walk.