Should I Eat Fruit? The Ultimate Guide for Determining “Is Fruit Good for You?”

Need to know how fruit suits a healthy diet?

Its a legitimate question! After all, its definitely possible to reduce weight eating fruit … and GAIN weight eating fruit!.

This is an area of focus for our 1-on-1 Coaching clients, but were gon na inform you whatever you require to know listed below too.

How much fruit should you be eating? Let us help you choose!

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Heres what well cover to address the concern, “Is consuming Fruit healthy?”.

Today well help you figure out just how much fruit, and what kind of fruit, you must be consuming..

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Is Fruit Good for you?

As we set out in our “Healthy Eating” guide, fruit is absolutely healthy and can assist you reach your objectives– in the right quantities. [1]

Loaded with nutrients. [2] Packed with fiber. [3] A great snack alternative or it can be part of a protein-focused breakfast!

That makes questions of “is fruit healthy?” perplexing..

Thats why consuming fruit is “universally promoted” as being excellent for you. [4]

Consuming fruit is fantastic because its:.

Whats with the debate?

For that, we need to speak about the calorie and sugar material of fruit.

Is the Sugar in Fruit Bad for You?

With the rise of low-carb diets like Keto, lots of individuals are turning away from fruit entirely.

Its most likely since theyre afraid of the sugar material of the produce if anyone tells you not to eat fruit.

Whats going on here?

A couple of things:.

There is A LOT of proof that the excessive intake of included sugar is undoubtedly hazardous to human health.
Sugar is a carb. If youre following the Keto Diet, the Paleo Diet, or any other low-carb plan, you need to restrict the number of carbohydrates you consume– that includes sugar.

If youre refraining from doing Keto, you do not need to stress about that second point, due to the fact that you arent getting rid of carbohydrates.

However how about the first one? Is the sugar in fruit hazardous for us?

Fruits are packed with fiber and water, so its not strictly made up of fructose..

All of this decreases the absorption of fructose from the fruit..

But first …

According to Dr. Ludwig of Harvard Medical School, if you eat a whole fruit, its tough to take in sufficient fructose to be damaging. [8]

It also takes a decent quantity of effort to chew a real piece of fruit..

Notice that caution “entire fruit.” This is critical and deserves its own area.

In one word: no.

Is Eating Fruit Good for Weight Loss?

That news shocks precisely no one..

Weve established that fruit benefits you..

But is fruit great for weight-loss?

Fruit can assist eliminate cravings or scratch that “I WANT SUGAR” itch. When you consume 200 calories worth of an apple, it can help make you feel relatively full..

Research studies done on the satiating power of various foods have shown fruit to be a few of the most gratifying food studied. People feel more complete from consuming an apple or an orange than from consuming beef or eggs. [9]

Here is 200 calories worth of an apple (thanks to WiseGEEK):.

In summary: Fruit can be high in nutrients, low in calories, and can help us feel complete.

Compare that to 200 calories worth of a bagel:.

When you consume 200 calories worth of bread, you havent even completed a single bagel yet.

To respond to that question, lets consider 2 points:.

We require to stop and make a point here: fruit, like every other food, follows the laws of thermodynamics. Indicating the calories in fruit will still add to your total day-to-day calorie goal..

# 1) Fruit can be usually low in calories.

# 2) Fruit can be satiating.

As we talk about in our Guide to Healthy Eating, this is a fantastic recipe for successful weight loss..

So yes, fruit can undoubtedly become part of a meal strategy to slim down.

Why does this matter?

Yes, theres nuance, hormones messing with our appetite signals, and so on. But effective weight-loss depends upon consuming less calories than you use up regularly..

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If youre attempting to drop weight, you require to develop calorie objectives. Fruit can factor into those objectives and the calories need to be represented.

If you are trying to lose weight and wondering where fruit fits into the equation, I desire you to understand youre on the best track..


Conserve that for Donkey Kong:.

Great deals of our coaching customers concern us with all sorts of various physical fitness concerns, like what to eat and how to work out, showing we all begin with special circumstances. The crucial thing is that youre starting to ask questions and trying to find responses..

Where fruit can really get you into trouble is if you begin to move in the direction of “fruit-like.” Well jump to that with our next section.

Weight-loss boils down to consuming fewer calories than you burn..

A Nerd Fitness Coach can assist your weight-loss and answer all your physical fitness concerns! Discover more here.

This indicates that even with all the nutrients and fiber, consuming all of your meals in addition to 30 bananas a day will lead to you questioning “Why cant I reduce weight?”.

Is Fruit Juice Healthy?

While fruit can 100% belong to a healthy diet, “fruit like things” dont get our stamp of approval.

For example, here are the calories in one 8 oz serving of:.

Apple Juice: 103 calories, 22 g of sugar.
Orange Juice: 103 calories, 18 g of sugar.
Grape Juice: 136 calories, 32 g of sugar.

Lets chat particularly about “drinkable” fruit first:.

Not good.

For recommendation, an 8 ounce glass of Coca-Cola would have about 26 grams of sugar.

# 1) Fruit juices (cranberry juice, orange juice, grape juice): these are high calorie, sugar-filled beverages..

Without the fiber, water, and intact cell walls of the fruit, your body will soak up the fructose very quickly. [10]

2) Fruit Smoothies: Just due to the fact that its a fruit healthy smoothie doesnt mean it will not make you fat! Have you seen the calorie count and sugar material of smoothies and green beverages? Yikes.

We have a complete guide “Is Drinking Fruit Juice Healthy?” if you d like to find out more..

Yeah … which is why we made this:.

Smoothie King Banana Boat (20 oz or 591 ml shake): 450 calories, 70 g of sugar.

Green Machine Naked Juice (15.2 oz or 450 ml bottle): 270 calories, 53 g of sugar.

Should I Eat Dried Fruit?

For contrast, an ounce of a routine banana is about 25 calories.

The other thing to think about is that sugar is often ADDED to dried fruit to make it even sweeter..

Think about these banana chips:.

Second component after dried banana? “Organic sugar.”.

This isnt the only place where sugar is included to fruit.

Dried fruits are infamously easy to overeat since they are so little. Considering that the water has been gotten, all thats left is the sugar and fiber..

Heres 1 serving of raisins, which is 108 calories and 21 g of sugar:.

Since its so easy to overeat, you really have to be mindful with dried fruit.

Another “fruit like thing” we need to discuss is dried fruit.

If you are stating “oh man, I eat 5x that many raisins when I eat them …” then increase those calorie and sugar numbers by 5!

Per weight, all dried fruit will be higher in calories and sugar than its “entire fruit” counterpart.

An ounce of these banana chips is going to run you about 147 calories and 10 grams of sugar (17g for overall carbs).

Is Canned Fruit Healthy?



Dietary Fiber: 8g.
Sugar: 5g.
Net Carbs: 7g.

Total Carbohydrates: 15g.

Serving size: 1 cup (123g).
Calories: 65.
Protein: 1.5 g.

Whats in the syrup? Sugar. Of course its sugar..

It ends up looking like this Healthy Plate (drawn from our Healthy Eating guide):.

The very best way to paint a picture of sugar and calorie material of fruit is with some actual serving sizes.

So lets do that.

Serving size: 1 cup (148g).
Calories: 85.
Protein: 1.1 g.


Serving size: 280g.
Calories: 85.
Protein: 1.7 g.

Dietary Fiber: 1.1 g.
Sugar: 17g.
Net Carbs: 20.9 g.

Total Carbohydrates: 27g.

Total Carbohydrates: 16g.


Serving size: 1 cup (92g).
Calories: 62.
Protein:.6 g.

Total Carbohydrates: 11g.

Lets take a look at Del Montes canned peaches:.

Serving size: 256g.
Calories: 200.
Total Sugar: 42g.
Overall Carbohydrates: 50g.

Del Montes Canned Peaches (in heavy syrup):.


The syrup here is composed of “high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, and sugar.”.

The big worry about canned fruit is the syrup that is typically included with it.

Dietary Fiber: 4.4 g.
Sugar: 19g.
Net Carbs 20.6 g.

As we mentioned earlier, comprehending how many calories youre taking in is a key element of weight reduction.

Dietary Fiber: 3.1 g.
Sugar: 14g.
Net Carbs 23.9 g.

If youre targeting 2,500 calories a day, and your meals are bringing you up to about 2,300 calories, you understand you can fit in a couple of bananas for a treat.

Extra Large Peach.

Your “healthy carb” could 100% be a serving of fruit.

Serving size: 1 medium-size apple (182g).
Calories: 95.
Protein:.5 g.

To summarize the last few sections: fruit is healthy, provided you stay with frozen or fresh and not fruit-like food, dried fruit, or canned fruit loaded in syrup..

Other than for awesomeness.

Serving size: 224g.
Calories: 88.
Overall Sugar: 19g.
Overall Carbohydrates: 21g.

Serving size: 1 medium-size banana (118g).
Calories: 105.
Protein: 1.3 g.

Total Carbohydrates: 21g.

Dietary Fiber: 2.3 g.
Sugar: 9g.
Net Carbs 8.7 g.

Back to fruit! We suggest eating a healthy mix of vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.


Serving size: 1 small orange (96g).
Calories: 45.
Protein:.9 g.

Dietary Fiber: 3.6 g.
Sugar: 15g.
Net Carbs 17.4 g.

When acquiring canned fruit (although its a good practice in basic), this is why you should constantly check out the nutrition label.

If you take pleasure in a little glass of orange juice occasionally, or you load a serving of raisins in your lunch and it makes life worth living, by all means!.

If youre following a low-carb diet plan, and you have about 10 net carbohydrates left in your everyday allowance, you know you can eat a handful of raspberries and still satisfy your goals.

Dietary Fiber:.8 g.
Sugar: 15g.
Net Carbs 15.2 g.

When you package peaches by doing this you DOUBLE the calories and the sugar material.

Well likewise share carb material and fiber content, in case you are following a ketogenic or low-carb diet plan.

You can have as much of that as you desire.

Just do not down OJ by the gallon, drink a 64 oz “real fruit healthy smoothie,” and consume raisins by the handful and then wonder why youre not losing weight.

Like anything else, Nerd Fitness suggests fresh fruit in small amounts.

Total Carbohydrates: 25g.

Lets compare the canned fruit to a normal peach you d choose from a tree:.

Total Carbohydrates: 21g.



Developing a Healthy Plate (Next Steps).

Of any kind of fruit!

Simply keep in mind to enjoy your general calorie intake (fruit consisted of) if youre attempting to lose weight.

The different colors of fruit will correspond to different nutrients, so go wild! Try various fruits and experiment with new kinds.

You got this!

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As we lay out in our “Healthy Eating” guide, fruit is definitely healthy and can help you reach your goals– in the right quantities. According to Dr. Ludwig of Harvard Medical School, if you eat an entire fruit, its difficult to take in adequate fructose to be damaging. Research studies done on the satisfying power of different foods have revealed fruit to be some of the most satisfying food studied. Without the fiber, water, and undamaged cell walls of the fruit, your body will take in the fructose extremely quickly. 2) Fruit Smoothies: Just because its a fruit healthy smoothie doesnt imply it will not make you fat!

– Steve.

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