Cerner Releases Open Call for EHR-Integrated Voice Assist Testing Partners

Cerner reveals an open require additional health systems to sign on as evaluating partners of their EHR-integrated Voice Assist technology. Voice Assist will allow clinicians to interact with the EHR by simply using their voice. Clinicians will have the ability to issue voice commands to finish a variety of jobs that can conserve considerable time and lower the administrative problem on care teams by changing manual data paperwork.

How Voice Assist Technology Works



< Chart Search. Pointers. Availability. " Order Lipitor 40 mg oral. tablet". " Show me my last note". Voice Assist is supported with Nuances virtual assistant. ability and is expected to be widely offered in 2021. Examples of Voice Assists present functionality. include:. " Take me to household history". " Remind me to call the patient in 6 months. about their high cholesterol". " At IU Health, were producing designated innovations centers where we trial the newest brand-new innovations in genuine scientific workflows. Were delighted to pilot Cerners Voice Assist, which will allow our clinicians to deal with several tasks in the EHR with their voice. This innovation will assist our clinicians to focus their attention on their clients. Navigation. Using the phrase Hey. Cerner, clinicians will have the ability to look for and retrieve information from. client records, place medication orders and established suggestions. Clinicians will. have the ability to flawlessly switch in between dictating the medical note and navigating. the clients chart, improving performance and enhancing the healthcare. experience.. " What is the most current white blood cell. count?". " St. Josephs Health is delighted to pilot Cerners Voice Assist technology, which will enable our clinicians to complete several jobs in the EHR via voice commands. We picture that this technology will be conducive to more meaningful clinician patient interaction because the clinicians will invest less time manually documenting. We wish to see enhanced effectiveness, clinician and client satisfaction throughout this trial duration." -- Lisa Green, Director Clinical Information Systems, St. Josephs Health. St. Josephs Health and Indiana. University Health are 2 customers who have actually already signed on. and are preparing to present the innovation.