American Telemedicine Association launches safety evaluation tool for digital health apps

Daresbury, U.K.-based ORCHA powers an automated smart evaluation engine that allows healthcare organizations to examine thousands of apps against more than 300 steps when building and managing a health app program, according to the Oct. 15 news release.

ORCHA has actually examined more than 4,000 health apps currently readily available in the U.S. against its requirements and discovered that only 15 percent satisfy quality thresholds, which cover use, security and healthcare standards for protecting patients.

The American Telemedicine Association is coordinating with the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps to establish a review process for U.S. companies, providers and insurance companies to use to make sure health apps are safe and efficient for clients.

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Jackie Drees –
Monday, October 19th, 2020

Collaborating, the ATA and ORCHA will create an evaluation process and requirements specifically for the U.S. market. App designers will be able to send their app for evaluation versus ORCHAs more than 300 steps, and if it meets the criteria, it will be added to the ATAs library of approved apps. Providers, companies and insurers will then be able to use the library to develop their own health app collection of top quality apps suitable for clients.