Will There Be a Day When Technology Takes Over Us All?

I wonder if there will be a day when technology takes control of all of us, when we become so reliant on it that non-digital activities are thought about irregular. A sane act is considered outrageous.

Perhaps the TV-centered society is not fiction but already here. A lot of us today cant live without our phone, laptop computer, or iPad. Their presence is so essential in our routine that their absence brings discomfort.

We dont simply utilize digital gadgets for info consumption. We let them direct our life. We reach for the phone first thing in the morning to check e-mails, checked out news, reply to text. We utilize our laptop computer for work, more than eight hours per day. In the evening, we do more surfing with our phone, and wont stop up until past midnight.

“Today be grateful and believe how abundant you are. Your household is priceless. Your health is wealth. Your time is gold.” ~ Unknown.

The expense is alarming.

Technology is more than just a way of interaction. We need it for home entertainment, work, and relaxation.

Because no one understands why he does that, the routine eventually lands him a cell in a psychiatric center. In the television-dominated city, people do not stroll. Theyre too hectic sticking their eyeballs to their screens.

A few days ago I check out a science fiction story called “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury. Its about Leopard Mead, a citizen of TV-centered society, who takes pleasure in strolling in the evening.

How Does Technology Affect United States?

1. It damaged our wellness.

And while we might believe seeing TV or YouTube videos can lift our state of mind, it only assists us leave unfavorable feelings temporarily. The minute we stop enjoying, were back to the black mood. Well feel a lot more bored, irritated, and depressed.

Hours of working prior to screens puts a strain on our vision. Overexposure to blue light causes absence of sleep and body exhaustion. Not to discuss the pressure our back and neck have to withstand when being in one position for too long.

Surfing the net continuously likewise makes us more susceptible to tiffs and negative attitude. Its not hard to understand why. The media is ridden with bad news.

2. It ruins our relationships.

More time invested online also implies less time for those we care about the majority of. Instead of playing with our kids, speaking to them, or taking them out for an ice cream, we devote our attention to laptop computers or phones. The majority of the time its just meaningless browsing on the web, checking out shoddy news, surfing Facebook, texting.

3. It consumes time.

All this precious time we could use to create, to observe the charm of the world, to contribute, we waste all of it for mindlessly scrolling.

Time might seem plentiful, however its not unlimited. At least our time is not limitless. It flies at warp speed. One day, well recall and wonder where it went.

4. It loads us with details.

Taking blogging. There are numerous resources to teach us how to blog. If were not pleased with one, we can constantly change to another. Experimenting with a lot of strategies at a time can result in failures.

Info abundance is a curse, not a blessing. More content is composed now than ever. It doesnt help us attain our objectives faster. On the contrary, it slows down our development. We get overwhelmed and confused in the sea of content. Instead of picking to follow one resource, we may end up using a lot of and get lost as an outcome.

Believe once again if you believe time invested online consuming info makes you happier and more knowledgeable.

5. It makes us too lazy to believe.

Details is so offered, why trouble believing when the answer we need is only one click away? And not just one response, countless responses revealing up as we hit the search button.

How to Reduce Technologys Impact on Our Life?


It took me a while to recognize I was losing out on a huge part of life. The Internet, while nice, couldnt replace the real life. If I stopped searching for a second, I would see that there was an universe to explore, new pastimes to learn, interesting places to take a trip, and terrific pals to share my joy with.

After consuming them, we in fact feel even worse. Stress, dullness, and depression are now coupled with guilt and shame.

I like writing and invested many of my time scribbling on my phone or iPad. There was a time when I liked to remain indoors. I liked to work and hang out by myself.

The key depend on awareness. Do you utilize your digital devices on function, or simply roam mindlessly?

So, understand your feelings and take excellent care of them.

Instead, participate in an activity that cultivates awareness. Take a few deep breaths, walk, see nature. You may like to practice meditation. An excellent meditation app I found just recently is The Plum Village. Its 100 percent jam-packed and complimentary with valuable practices which allows you to be in touch with your body once again.

You can do it too. However heavy you believe your technology addiction is, you can suffice if you desire to.

When you feel down, stop tuning into TELEVISION or phone.

I decided to give up a large part of my time online. It was hard in the beginning, but when I prospered, I questioned why it had taken me so long. I started to hang out with buddies regularly, participate in yoga classes, walk in the afternoon, and cook meals for my household. All of a sudden, I felt extensive joy in my offline hours.

In my experience, besides work and purposeful communication, the bulk of our digital time falls into the latter category. We surf Facebook when we feel bored.

I have to confess, during quarantine Ive started to utilize my digital gadgets a lot once again, mainly for work and connection. I have more control over my Internet usage. Im utilizing it more mindfully now.

How about when were utilizing technology for work and relaxation? How can we use our digital gadgets without being controlled by them?

Usage Pomodoro Techniques.

In my experience, besides work and purposeful communication, the bulk of our digital time falls into the latter classification. Youll get distracted and end up utilizing more time than needed to get a job done.

Do something at a time..

Technology doesnt have to take charge of your life. You can still use innovation without being taken in by it. Take one action at a time.

Focus on the task for twenty-five minutes. Take a five-minute break. Repeat till you finish your jobs.

A couple of more concepts to restrict your digital time:.

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Once again, the secret is mindfulness.

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Take one action at a time.

Change your laptop to quiet mode. Also, keep your phone out of sight. This will prevent interruptions (phone calls, text messages, etc.) from reaching you.

Consuming means inspecting emails, responding to text, making call, reading books, etc. Heres the truth: You cant work while consuming. Youll get sidetracked and end up utilizing more time than required to get a job done.

Take as much time as required for each task however avoid multitasking (e.g. you cant compose and examine your e-mail inbox every fifteen minutes). If you work on the laptop, make a rule to open only one to 2 tabs while working.

Different the two processes: consuming and working. While working, focus on your jobs. Dont switch to Facebook or e-mails. Even checking out blog site posts is not allowed. Rather, set a specific time for these activities. For instance, you can examine emails at 11 a.m. and browse Facebook from 4pm- 5pm when youve done working.

Turn off notifications.

More time spent online also means less time for those we care about many. Most of the time its simply mindless searching on the web, checking out shoddy news, surfing Facebook, texting.

Set a time for consuming.

If theres any email you have not check out for days, unsubscribe from it. Keep only the fundamentals.
View less TELEVISION. View significant motion pictures rather. Or spend the extra time for a household or reading a good book.
Limit or stop reading news on your phone.
If you dont have any pastimes besides work, cultivate one. Simply choose one and get started.
Hang out with friends.
Enjoy a walk in nature.
Read physical books.
Practice meditation.

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