The Validation and Processing of Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin is an emerging Cryptocurrency technology, where the people can access with ease. With a Bitcoin transaction, you need not pay additional fees or wait for 2-3 working for completing the transaction. The reason for the successful revolution of Bitcoin is its Blockchain technology. In blockchain technology, every Bitcoin transaction is stored as blocks, and they are given a hash. After the encryption of the hash of the corresponding block, they will be added to the blockchains. Keep reading here to know more about eToro pros and cons

In a blockchain, every blockchain users will be able to see the transaction. But due to the hashing technique, they will not be able to discover the identity or any other personal information of the particular block’s user. This article has given a deep insight into how the transaction process takes in the Bitcoins, in the following sections.

Transaction Process in a Bitcoin

To transact a Bitcoin, the users must download the Bitcoin software. The Bitcoin software will take at least 24 hours to download, as it will download the entire blockchain or transaction chain. After downloading, based on the previous block entry, you will be able to calculate how much Bitcoins does, each of the users owes.

validation, The Validation and Processing of Bitcoin Transactions

validation, The Validation and Processing of Bitcoin Transactions

For instance, let us assume that person A needs to transact 1 Bitcoin to person B. For this, with the help of a downloaded transaction chain, the person A’s Bitcoin balance undergoes assessment. As a result, checking whether the person can transact 1 Bitcoin. After this confirmation, a broadcast message is sent to both the sender and receiver’s address. Then, the number of Bitcoins transacted and the sender’s signature is broadcasted to the network. As the transaction chain is public, anyone in the chain can communicate with the message, and they can choose the letter for execution.

But before execution, the transaction surfaces in the mempool (memory pool). From there miners choose the transaction for validating. So, after the validation process, the miners add the trade as a new block. Then, the new block is linked to the previous block. Once the transaction is added to the blockchain, they can be executed.

Validation Process in a Bitcoin

The transaction appears on the blockchain, only after the miner’s validation process. Then, they become executable. But how are the miners validating the transaction? It is effortless. Through the process of proof-reading, a miner validates the transaction.  The proof-reading process involves the miner to solve the tricky mathematical riddle; only after that, the blocks emerge to the existing blockchain.

How does it really work?

A transaction picked for adding to the existing blockchain will be having the hash of the previous block.  After this, the number of the transaction will be generated. Following that, a miner adds nonce, which is just a number. Using this information, the miner performs the hashing algorithm on the whole block.

The main aim of a miner is to generate a hash that matches the right number of zeros. This the very crucial step, as if there is a very minute change in the input, the entire output sequence will entirely change. Hence, nonce added by the miner must be particular. A miner does this, by randomly putting different numbers until it generates the correct hash. There will be many numbers of miners. A miner, who first has solved this complex mathematical puzzle, will add the block to the existing block and link the previous block to this new block. With super fast computing power, a miner will take only 10 minutes, to generate a right hash.

This process of validating a transaction of Bitcoins not only performs just validating and adding to the transaction chain. They also ensure security and truthfulness. Because, every block, will have a header, where the previous block hash information is stored in the next block. Hence, if a malicious user needs to change the transaction, the user must calculate based on all the blocks, which is impossible. So, even a small change in one block becomes visible to all the users in the blockchain.

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