Patient Leakage & Keepage: State of the Industry Report

What You
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— The report, performed by an independent marketing research firm, includes reactions from a random sample of 138 senior health system and medical facility executives (80% C-suite) accountable for patient care, healthcare facility administration, financing, or operations.

— Only 31% of the healthcare systems who absolutely have actually a.
method to decrease client leak stated they have the right tools to get it.

— 75% said client leak is a substantial challenge to.
their financial objectives.

— “The Patient Keepage & & Leakage Report” provides a thorough, state of the industry take a look at health system executives views on the difficulty of patient leak, in which patients seek care beyond their networks. Although 96% of health system officers surveyed said that attending to client leakage is a top concern, extremely little research had been done on this subject– until now.

< Central Logic commissioned an independent marketing research company to perform a survey about patient leak and care gain access to, with participants including a random sample of 138 double-verified senior health system and medical facility executives accountable for client care, healthcare facility administration, financing or operations. The difficulty of client leakage-- in which clients seek care beyond their network-- has actually taken on higher significance during COVID-19, as hospitals and health systems operating margins have dropped precipitously. While CARES Act funding has actually used some monetary relief, these organizations are anticipated to lose more than $ 323 billion in 2020 due in large part to constraints on optional procedures and patients canceling or delaying care. Almost all (96%) of healthcare executives say patient leakage is a concern this year, however just 31% of leaders who have a plan to keep clients within their health system networks think they have the right tools to accomplish their objectives, according to survey results launched today from Central Logic, the market innovator in enterprise presence and tools to speed up access to care. -- Organizations that dont use technology to measure. patient leakage were less likely to know which service lines were most affected. by loss of patients. Other highlights of the Patient Leakage & & Keepage Report. include:. " The. Client Keepage & & Leakage Report, based on the outcomes of our. study, highlights a crisis of self-confidence among healthcare executives that. began even prior to COVID-19," said Angie Franks, CEO of Central. Logic. "The pandemic has intensified this crisis, but drawing in,. maintaining and repatriating patients back into health system networks is now an. extremely important financial concern for health system leaders, offered the. huge financial losses they have actually suffered.". For more details, click the download now button listed below:. In the Patient Leakage & & Keepage Report, 80% of. executives said value-based care designs have actually made addressing patient leakage more. crucial, however more than 38% either were insecure or didnt know if their. company had visibility into leakage. Of the study respondents, 80% were C-level executives, and. two-thirds represented healthcare facility networks with 251 or more beds-- of those, more. than 20% represented networks of 1,500 beds or more.