COVID-19 death rates by state: Oct. 16 

Washington: 31Population: 7.6 million.

Florida: 73Population: 21.5 million.

Minnesota: 40Population: 5.6 million.

Georgia: 69Population: 10.6 million.

The Times used data from reports of coronavirus cases and deaths by U.S. states and counties. The database includes cases and deaths that have been recognized by public health authorities as possible coronavirus patients, which means they did not have confirmed tests for coronavirus infection but were examined utilizing criteria developed by nationwide and local governments.

West Virginia: 22Population: 1.8 million.

Louisiana: 123Population: 4.6 million.

Iowa: 48Population: 3.2 millionNew Mexico: 44Population: 2.1 million.

Maryland: 67Population: 6 million.

Note: These are the newest numbers readily available. The list consists of ties.

Utah: 17Population: 3.2 million.

Missouri: 41Population: 6.1 million.

Oklahoma: 29Population: 4 million.

Maine: 11Population: 1.3 million.

Oregon: 15Population: 4.2 million.

Montana: 22Population: 1.1 million.

Virginia: 40Population: 8.5 million.

As of Oct. 16, more than 217,000 individuals in the U.S. have passed away after contracting COVID-19, according to The New York Times.

Hawaii: 13Population: 1.4 million.

Alabama: 56Population: 4.9 million.

The Times utilized information from reports of coronavirus cases and deaths by U.S. states and counties. The database consists of cases and deaths that have been determined by public health authorities as likely coronavirus clients, which implies they did not have confirmed tests for coronavirus infection but were assessed utilizing criteria established by national and regional governments. Read more about the information here. State population data is from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Nebraska: 28Population: 1.9 million.

Wisconsin: 27Population: 5.8 million.

Kentucky: 30Population: 4.5 million.

New York City: 169Population: 19.4 million.

South Dakota: 34Population: 884,659.

Connecticut: 127Population: 3.6 million.

Vermont: 9Population: 623,989.

Tennessee: 42Population: 6.8 million.

Delaware: 68Population: 973,764.

Wyoming: 10Population: 578,759.

Rhode Island: 108Population: 1.1 million.

Illinois: 74Population: 12.7 million.

Washington, D.C.: 90Population: 705,749.

Texas: 60Population: 30 million.

Ohio: 43Population: 11.7 million.

California: 43Population: 39.5 million.

Mackenzie Bean –
Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

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Alaska: 8Population: 731,545.

Mississippi: 106Population: 3 million.

New Jersey: 182 per 100,000 peoplePopulation: 8.9 million homeowners.

Idaho: 29Population: 1.8 million.

North Carolina: 37Population: 10.5 million.

Here is a breakdown of COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 individuals in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The data was last upgraded at 7:40 a.m. CDT.

Indiana: 57Population: 6.7 million.

Massachusetts: 140Population: 6.9 million.

Colorado: 38Population: 5.8 million.

Arizona: 80Population: 7.3 million.

South Carolina: 70Population: 5.1 million.

New Hampshire: 34Population: 1.4 million.

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Pennsylvania: 66Population: 12.8 million.

North Dakota: 49Population: 762,062.

Kansas: 29Population: 2.9 million.

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Nevada: 55Population: 3.1 million.

Arkansas: 55Population: 3 million.

Michigan: 73Population: 10 million.