Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy (#473)

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Proper examination should destroy the life that youre presently living. It ought to trigger you to leave relationships. It should trigger you to reestablish boundaries with relative and with coworkers. It must trigger you to stop your job … If it doesnt do that, its not genuine evaluation. You cant create the brand-new life in which you will not have the stress and anxiety if it does not come connected with destruction of your present life.
— Naval Ravikant

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Want to discover more about cryptocurrency? Listen to the conversation Naval and I had with cryptographer Nick Szabo in which we go over the issues cryptocurrencies were created to resolve, dry versus damp code, quantum believed, future professions, and the existential dangers of blockchain governance.

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” Youre Not Going to Get Rich Renting Out Your Time. You Must Own Equity, a Piece of a Business, to Gain Your Financial Freedom.”

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Chances of Monkeys Randomly Typing Hamlet or Shakespeare


Naval, Twitter.


” The Reason to Win the Game Is So That You Can Be Free of It.”|Naval, Twitter.

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Naval, Twitter.

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Does Naval still concur to do this podcast– in spite of decreasing to look like a visitor on others– in hopes of catching Podcast of the Year laurels that were nabbed from his grasp by Jamie Foxx the very first time around?
Who is the individual currently included on Navals Twitter profile, and how has he influenced us (and many others)?
Why theres no such thing as science with a capital S, and what the peevish Nassim Taleb recently stated about what he considers to be the opposite of education, and what its easier to macro than micro.
The issues that occur– in people and in AI– when jargon masquerades as understanding, and where the most practical life lessons are actually learned.
How to get abundant (without getting lucky).
In what ways has Navals own journey followed the abovementioned tenets of getting abundant without getting fortunate, and why are get-rich-quick plans for losers?
Where do most of Navals personal, pithy tweets take type? Example: “Imagine how effective you would be if you werent anxious all the time.”.
How has Naval discovered to handle and take control of his own anxiety?
What should correct meditation offer us the power to do?
The theorists Naval reads before he goes to bed.
How Naval attempts to process the thoughts that go through his head when hes practicing meditation.
What Navals everyday meditation practice normally appears like, and why he considers it “sheer pleasure” even if he cant describe in words exactly what “it” is.
Where might someone thinking about taking a look at the viewpoint that inspires Naval begin?
Naval and I agree that the reading of philosophy is especially reliable as a way to counter the hazardous results of social networks and existing occasions.
” Crypto stablecoins: select in between blowup danger, censorship risk, and fraud risk.” What does this recent, cryptic tweet from Naval suggest, and why does Naval believe that cryptocurrency has the possible to be “a whole new casino thats much better than Wall Street” in decentralized financing?
How might an absolute beginner make an informed entryway into the world of cryptocurrency?
How might cryptocurrency be utilized in the real life for practical purposes like paying rent, buying food, or working with a specialist to put a new deck on your house?
What does Naval view as the future of cryptocurrency as it gets adopted increasingly more by traditional investors?
What does all truly effective self-help come down to?
If the modern-day Devil is low-cost dopamine, what was the ancient Devil? Some musings on the substance interest of long-term thinking.
Why its crucial to create relationships with individuals who do not make your interactions look like a task. Or, as Naval says, “The very first guideline of handling dispute is: dont spend time individuals who constantly take part in dispute.”.
The reason to win the game is so that you can be devoid of it. However what is the video game, what does it require devoid of it, and is the type in recognizing that not wanting something is as good as having it?
This quote from Richard Feynman reminds me of Naval: “The very first principle is that you need to not fool yourself, and you are the easiest individual to deceive.” How does Naval make every effort to guarantee hes not deceiving himself, and what did he find out from a man named Craig in Thailand about picking happiness?
Parting ideas.