GYANT Develops First-to-Market COVID-19 Vaccine Care Navigation Tool

What You Should Know:

GYANT Vaccine develops on the businesss effective COVID-19
SERA innovation, which quickly assisted 25 payer and health system clients and
half a million clients screen and triage symptoms to gain access to testing and care.
With the addition of Vaccine, GYANTs AI-powered virtual assistant platform now
much more successfully links the dots across clients digital journeys with
the existing Front Door (care navigation and triage), Engage (patient outreach).
and Clipboard (automated chart population) modules.

— GYANT Vaccine releases as a white-labeled virtual
assistant on service provider websites, mobile apps, and client websites, managing the
patient journey from preliminary inquiry to post-visit follow up.

— AI-driven virtual care business, GYANT, has actually revealed its first-to-market COVID-19 vaccine care navigation tool to help health systems prepare for novel patient needs.

GYANT, the AI-powered
virtual assistant business, today revealed its first-to-market vaccine care
navigation tool, GYANT Vaccine,
preparing for approaching health system strain following emergency situation usage
permission of a COVID-19
vaccine. The option offers assistance for each action of the client journey, from
preliminary query to post-vaccination follow-up.

Is Your Health System Prepared for the Vaccine?

GYANT Vaccine deploys as a white-labeled virtual assistant.
on supplier sites, mobile apps, and client portals, managing the patient.
journey from preliminary query to post-visit follow up. GYANT Vaccine is.
available 24/7, to eliminate the problem of administrative personnel, streamline the.
research and visit scheduling for consumers, and keep clients safe.

” Navigating the implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine will be the single greatest challenge healthcare systems face in 2021,” said Stefan Behrens, co-founder and ceo, GYANT. “With our assistance, customers are poised to efficiently manage the vaccine and prepare fors release whenever it is approved, and play a function in regulated widespread adoption as we seek to conquer this crisis.”.

< GYANT Vaccine has already produced overwhelming interest in. the market with 5 health systems signed on to release the tool following. emergency situation usage authorization of a vaccine. Preparing for the tsunami of incoming client questions,. overloaded call centers, visit scheduling demands, and eligibility. screening demands as the vaccine appears, GYANT Vaccine will. essentially guide patients through the entire pre- and post-vaccination process. By empowering clients to discover options and procedures,. screen and evaluate prioritization, book appointments, and remain in touch with. their companies to set up extra dosages and screen for negative effects,. GYANT Vaccine adapts to each suppliers altering requirements over the course. of the vaccine roll-out. Schedule.