Why Each Zodiac Sign Has Spent Most Of 2020 Feeling Insecure


You feel insecure due to the fact that youve had a great deal of time to believe about your life lately and have actually been able to pinpoint the important things you are sorry for and wish you could alter.



Since you havent been on a real date in a long time, you feel insecure.


Due to the fact that youre going through a dry spell and miss out on being touched (and even hugged), you feel insecure.

Because youve been drinking more than normal lately and the alcohol has been making you moody, you feel insecure.


Since everyone on social media looks like theyre handling their tension much better than you are right now, you feel insecure.



You feel insecure because youve isolated yourself. You havent hung out with good friends or household in a very long time and its making you feel alone.


You feel insecure since it feels like so much time has actually passed without you getting anything done. You feel much less productive than normal.


Since you have not been as active as you usually are and its been taking a toll on your physical and psychological health, you feel insecure.



Because you keep seeing your face on Zoom and dont love what you look like (and are anxious everybody else is judging you), you feel insecure.


You feel insecure because you havent been practicing self-care. Youve been too tired to take care of yourself.

You feel insecure because youve spent most of your time alone and have not had your good friends around to motivate you, support you, and buzz you up.

You feel insecure since youve spent more time than typical in sweatpants and pajamas, and have not had any factor to dress up and feel great.