30 Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Person (Other Than Having Sex)

A few couples from
Ask Reddit have date night ideas!

1. We both like bonfires, particularly around this time of year. Some days we will simply get back from work, remain back by the bonfire, and just be.

2. Showering together. It isnt even sexual in nature (the majority of the time), we simply enjoy being together, speaking, helping each other wash. It is an intimate experience.

3. We actually enjoy painting. We have actually a wall dedicated to our paintings thats slowly growing.

4. Rock climbing is a fantastic couples sport! You require a partner to do it no matter what, and its fun to be able to belay them and have them belay you while increasing these rock faces and costs time outdoors.

5. We like marathoning Netflix together. Our favorite to watch is Lucifer. We in fact set season release days aside and make a day of it.

6. We like to draw together. I generally do line art and she will color it in.

7. We like to go to the fitness center together (in the past, now we work out in the house and share weights), not always doing the exact same workout, simply exercising at the very same time in the very same location. Same for yoga.

8. We do each others beauty treatments. I wax his ass, he does my lip injections. Ill do his pedicures, he colors my roots, Ill pluck his eyebrows, he spraytans me, Ill do his chemical peels, he gives me lymphatic massages. Its something we mutually take pleasure in and are good at and I love that we can share in rituals usually scheduled as self-care. Likewise, we conserve a lot of money doing the services to each other instead of going to medspas or beauty salons.

9. Cooking. Put on some good vinyl, prepare a meal together, eat together, and do the meals together.

10. We love gardening and dealing with our landscaping around the house. Planning on what to do for the upcoming seasons, preserving everything, and enhancing.

11. Other half and I are Open House junkies. Love to get ideas for our own place, and belittle features of places we do not like.

We have actually run through the Halo campaign start to end up several times together, however due to the fact that Halo 5 is a dreadful piece of shit with no sofa co-op, we started discovering brand-new video games. We are presently 90% of the way through the first Borderlands game and caring it.

I complete (not really fast) marathons, and a couple of years back, my partner chose to do a 5k to attempt it out. Theres a lot of races in my location (not this year) that have a 5k/10k the day prior to the “Big” race. I reign back so we can be together the whole time, since shes slower than my own slow.

14. We have actually recently been doing the Hunt A Killer regular monthly membership thing and truly enjoy it.

15. Do It Yourself projects around your house. She discovers the inspiration, I piece together the actions and work needed to make it happen.

16. Dancing! Dance classes and clubs are closed, however were constantly practicing brand-new stuff by means of Youtube tutorials. Primarily cumbia and bachata.

17. We help each other self-care. I frequently give him foot rubs, back scratches, and hand rubs, he gives me back rubs and draws me baths when Im stressed out.

18. We take pleasure in making charcuterie/cheese boards together and enjoying them with a bottle of white wine.

19. We both like museums and art galleries, our first date we went to 2 museums which we both enjoyed.

20. We like to play Scrabble together, but that can be a harmful game haha. We are both SUPER competitive and it can get fierce!

21. We buy dollar shop arts/crafts and do them together after work while consuming wine. Its absolutely nothing major and in some cases we dont even trouble doing different pieces, just pass the one craft back and forth in between each other, however its relaxing and enjoyable without much thought. And we have something to show for it at the end. Now we have actually a simple painted butterfly wind chime tied to our blinds cord.

22. Outdoor camping. We bought about $350 of equipment and my SUV can carry a little homes worth of gear. Huge tent and a decent blow-up mattress.

23. Checking out in hammocks. Hours in a day, several days in a row.

24. Casual video gaming– Mario Kart, Katamari, and anything else thats low-cost and enjoyable on the Switch.

25. We like to go Geocaching.

26. When we talk about childhood stuff (we were quite similar) we buy some stuff we enjoyed in our at that time and play with it. For example dig boxes with dinosaur skeletons.

27. We like date weekends where we stay the night in an elegant hotel and spend a profane quantity of cash on food and red wine. Were generally too stuffed when we return to the space for any sexual activity, so we save that for morning

28. Talking our pet to the dog park.

29. I know it sounds lame, however throughout long car rides we will play the “I like about you” game where we just take turns saying aspects of each other that we admire.

30. I just delight in existing in the very same room. Its good to constantly have somebody to bother with your random ass thoughts.

It isnt even sexual in nature (many of the time), we simply take pleasure in being together, conversing, assisting each other wash. We like marathoning Netflix together. We like to go to the gym together (in the past, now we work out at home and share weights), not necessarily doing the exact same workout, simply working out at the same time in the same location. Put on some excellent vinyl, prepare a meal together, consume together, and do the meals together.

We like to play Scrabble together, but that can be a dangerous video game haha.