Health innovation insider: 13 rapid-fire Qs with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center digital chief Dr. Claus Torp Jensen  

Jackie Drees –
Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Dr. Jensen joined MSKCC in fall 2019 after working as primary technology officer and head of architecture at CVS Health and Aetna, where he supervised tech development and service change efforts. Prior to his position with CVS Health, Dr. Jensen served in different tech leadership roles at IBM and Danske Bank.

Here, Dr. Jensen shares rapid-fire insights on health IT developments, from health cares biggest disruptor to the future of expert system.

” What delights me about the work I do is the opportunity to leave behind a much better group, a better institution and eventually a better world,” he said. “I understand how that may sound, nonetheless it is the real factor I made the choice to work in health IT.”.

Dr. Jensen informed Beckers Hospital Review that he was drawn to work in health IT since of the chance to “make a real distinction in peoples lives.”.

As Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centers very first chief digital officer and health of technology, Claus Torp Jensen, PhD, supervises the New York City-based companys digital transformation and data techniques.

Question: Mac or PC?.

Dr. Claus Jensen: PC.

Editors note: Responses have been gently modified for clearness and length.

Q: iPhone or Android?

CJ: iPhone.

Q: What has been your go-to tech device throughout the pandemic?

CJ: My laptop; I have actually been constantly on the relocation.

Q: What development or innovation has made the greatest distinction in your organizations COVID-19 response?

CJ: Instant messaging.

Q: Whats the No. 1 tech gadget you couldnt live without at work?

CJ: If I were to choose a single one, I would state telemedicine. Having said that, there are so numerous other things that alter as we move to a hybrid combination care model.

Q: Whats your go-to voice assistant: Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Siri?

CJ: Thats a challenging question to answer as each is incorporated into a different kind of ecosystem. And I dont think any of them have actually reached the complete potential of voice as a main mode of interaction just.

Q: If you could include any tool to your EHR tomorrow, what would it be?

CJ: A total set of open application programs interfaces to engage with the EHR system.

Q: Which retail or tech giant will be the greatest disrupter to healthcare?

CJ: There are a lot of that could. The digital natives, the emerging research study companies, the sellers, the health care payers. We will understand a lot more in a year or 2.

Q: What patient engagement tech do you anticipate will be most utilized by clients in the next 3-5 years?

Q: If you could just have 3 apps on your phone, which would you select?.

CJ: Mail, instant messaging and search/browsing.

CJ: Three years from now it will definitely be voice-based interactions.

Q: What excites you most about the future of AI in health care?

CJ: Instead of taking a look at the competition in between humans and AI in healthcare, it is much more interesting to concentrate on how the two together will always be much better than either in seclusion.

Q: Whats one professional skill youre presently focused on?.

CJ: Change management. It is so crucial to be conscious of the modification management elements of everything we do. Not just in senior leadership, however in anybody who has a role in driving modification.

Q: What is one health tool you think should remain analog?

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CJ: For some things there is no replacement for human interaction. That doesnt certify as a tool of course.

CJ: There are so lots of that could. The digital locals, the emerging research study organizations, the merchants, the healthcare payers. CJ: Change management. It is so important to be mindful of the change management elements of whatever we do. Not simply in senior management, but in anyone who has a role in driving modification.