The Dalai Lama Global Vision Summit – A Free Online Event

Given that youre a Tiny Buddha reader, I understand youre someone who understands the value of cultivating wisdom and empathy. And I imagine youre also thinking about discovering how you can help produce a more tranquil world, with less suffering for all.

Over 6 days, Lions Roar and Tibet House United States are bringing together 22 presenters, consisting of Buddhist teachers, spiritual leaders, scientists, very popular authors, scholars, and a few of the Dalai Lamas closest trainees, to commemorate the life and mentors of among the worlds biggest international visionaries and spiritual leaders.

Sign up for complimentary and tune into any of the 40+ inspiring talks, teachings, and meditations as the presenters share their insight into 6 key themes of the Dalai Lamas message to the world.

The Dalai Lama has actually committed his life to assisting others, like a beacon of hope, along the path to a more tranquil world. His teachings and example have motivated and warmed the hearts of millions.

Speakers consist of:

Karenna GoreRichard Davidson

Register now to be part of this historical occasion, and enjoy open door to all insightful talks, mentors, and meditations.

Robert Wrightand numerous more …

Cultivate joy and healing through practicing generosity and generosity
Discover Buddhist strategies to develop insight into the nature of mind
Check out the crossway of meditation and modern-day science
Discover inspiration from Tibets message of peace, sustainability, and compassion
Discover brand-new methods to produce social harmony and inclusivity
Visualize a future grounded in universal values of empathy and mutual respect

Registration is free. Click here to discover more about the presenters and program, and to book your area today!

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The summit, personally endorsed by the Dalai Lama himself, will bring together thousands of participants from across the globeThroughout to world ways toCheck out