30 Sex Workers Share Their Weirdest, Grossest Requests

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Ask Reddit share their most unusual demands.

1. I have not had a lot of disappointments however I did get a quite special request. So I do online work. I had a person sexting me one day who told me sponges turn him on. The word sponge, the smell of one, touching one, doing dishes, all of it. So we roleplayed like I was washing dishes and I sent him a little video of me cleaning with a sponge like, “Look how soapy and sudsy my sponge is getting, Im trying to tidy up but Im simply making such a mess,” and he consumed that shit uppppp. Its great to get something totally brand name brand-new every when in a while, plus I was getting chores done at the very same time.

2. I had a man once ask me to simply lay totally still. He did the very same, blinked kinda hard when he came, and was done. Gazed into my eyes the whole time. The most awkward fuck of my life. However a minimum of I earned money?

3. Sneak into your house and see him while his family is sleeping upstairs. Of course, that didnt happen

4. Go on all fours and press your finger versus your nose so that you look like a pig. He would tell you that you had to do that for like 15 minutes and then he left the space. (I just sat there and waited).

A male messaged me a couple of months back asking for feet pictures, and I was incredibly delighted that it had lastly occurred to me (I utilized to get so envious of women that would be asked for feet photos and turn them down– like honey send them my way). Turns out, he has a foot fetish but hes likewise … a looner. He knows about my worry of balloons, so weve settled on utilizing a beach ball as a compromise.

6. I punched a pillow as tough as I can for an hour … While stating his mamas name … It was absolutely arm day that day.

7. A fully grown female desired me to fuck her in the ass while she talked on the phone with her son.

I used to sometimes trade sex for money with guys I fulfilled on Craigslist. One older guy utilized to slather on lipstick before providing me oral– he got off on seeing my dick and ass smeared with lipstick. That was in fact the most strangely intimate part for me, getting cleaned by him.

9. I domme online, well one customer really gets off on the entire human toilet thing and its going great, I guess, make him lick toilets, degrading him, make him movie himself so I can reveal other dommes and they can all laugh at him trigger he gets off on that shit (Pun planned), buuuuut then he demands that I shit in a container and mail it to him so he can eat it.

Soooo anyway, I understand thats not exceptionally wild, however its the one that protrudes in my mind.

10. In the introduction room the client informed me he wasnt searching for anything physical but asked if I would stroll on his back. Easy. Im in. Enter into the reservation and what he really wanted was for me to walk on his back in stilettos, etch in (fake) initials onto his chest with my heel, stomp on his genital areas, stroll on his face, spit on and demean him. It was really among the most horrendous things I ever did. I d rather fuck a scary old guy then ever take a booking like that again.

11. One client had a foot fetish and would spend his 45-minute session putting bulldog clips on the underside of my feet. It was pretty painful but I earned money well and didnt need to do anything physical with him.

One guy utilized to want me to make him orgasm in a spoon and then feed it to him. Another guy kept insisting that I inform him that I enjoy him.

13. I sold foot pics/videos/Skype sessions a couple of years ago, prior to the marketplace ended up being absolutely flooded. I had a great deal of people asking for me to stomp on little animals– bugs, mice, reptiles, etc. Thats versus my ethical code, and nasty, so I never did it however even if I wanted to do it they wouldnt pay extremely much for it.

He had a load of huge blackheads and dilated pores on his back and he asked me to pop them and consume them. This same man liked being pissed on, being vomitted on, and sticking his fingers up my nose and eating my snot. One guy asked me to shit in his mouth.

Likewise saw some messages from a good friend I made in the business where some french dude asked her to cut off a toe and offer it to him, so he might consume it. If he was simply trolling but honestly I would not be amazed if he was serious, not sure.

15. I had a person book an appointment. The screening and whatever leading up to the visit was absolutely regular. A couple of crucial things to note– he and I had to do with the very same age (late 20s) and I do not market fetish. My brand name is quite much lady next door.

Unexpectedly he asks me to roleplay. Things intensify rapidly as he wants me to be his stepmother and torture his balls.

16. Some man wanted my friend to shove a cucumber up his arse. He paid her ₤ 500 for a 20-minute stunt with the cucumber. She did it gladly but was kinda concerned for the guy.

17. My good friend has a routine customer who asks that she spits orange juice in his eyes.

18. Not a sex employee however I utilized to live near a go bar in Thailand, I would eat in the very same places as the employees there. Numerous stories about males desiring to defecate on them or them doing it on the consumers. One guy, he was really high and large. He rented all the girls in the club and the mamasan. Need to have been 15 or two, they simply needed to lie next to him and snuggle for the whole night. Gave all of them a substantial suggestion. Came in every night for 2 weeks. The reward for me was that the location closed early and I did not need to listen to the lousy music every night.

19. My mommy utilized to be a sex worker and one time this guy wanted her to stab a hamster to death with a syringe (he provided the hamster and syringe) in front of him. She took the hamster and his cash without doing it.

Co-worker utilized to work with a guy who is into scat. Apparently, he liked the woman to sit on top of the glass table and shit while he laid under it and beat off.

Then it escalated to where he started pissing on customers.

I understood a person who began doing foot fetish work on Craigslist due to the fact that he had huge feet. No real sex included.

22. 2,000 dollars to send out a video of me having sex with my canine. I blocked him.

23. I utilized to understand a sex worker and she used to say that the most typical strange thing she gets, which is in fact truly common, is guys desiring her to bend over naked and fart in their face.

24. I acted out the demand of a rape roleplay which fucked me up emotionally for many years. The guy produced serial killer vibes and I didnt have any buddies or household at the time and I was horrified I d simply disappear without anyone knowing.

I restructured how I worked after that night and began working primarily as a domme, so I seemed like I had more control of my encounters with clients.

That night was nearly 7 years earlier, and Ive been finished with sex work for five years. Soon after I stop, I had an experience where I was in fact raped, and anytime I think about the roleplay I get a sick feeling in my stomach for doing it.

25. To go to Starbucks, request a cup, pee in it, leave it there for him to drink it. 2k. The majority of guys were very typical, they desired to be pegged or have me dressed up, but this one omg. When he texted me what he desired, I passed away laughing.

26. The teacher at an extremely well known university in the US utilized to make me satisfy him and provide him my underclothing, 100 per pair, and after that at the Target we d fulfill and I d buy some more.

27. Not a sex worker however my ex was. An old guy used to come in periodically and pay to be walked around on a leash like a pet dog and at the end of the night, he d take home all of the used condoms and suck each one clean. Im not even joking.

28. I actually set up this account to mainly sell photos of my feet but advanced to tights/panties and a few videos so not a full-time sex worker but made some cash from this example. Anyway, there was one person who constantly desired to buy my utilized tampons … he specifically wanted them as fresh as possible.

Oh and another guy always sent out messages about videos of me sitting on balloons and bouncing on them up until they popped. Not a bad one simply random!

A man asked me to put cat shit in my ass. That request made me question whatever.

I figured in completion that if you can think about any fetish then there is someone out there that has it.

30. Ex-sex worker however stepchild shit for sure kink wise. Honestly, any sex employee will inform you the worst demand is continuously being asked to have hazardous sex or jeopardize your worth. Its the absolute worst part.

One guy used to want me to make him cum in a spoon and then feed it to him. One guy asked me to shit in his mouth. My mommy used to be a sex worker and one time this man wanted her to stab a hamster to death with a syringe (he supplied the hamster and syringe) in front of him. An old person utilized to come in periodically and pay to be strolled around on a leash like a pet and at the end of the night, he d take house all of the used condoms and suck each one clean. Anyway, there was one guy who always desired to purchase my utilized tampons … he specifically wanted them as fresh as possible.