5 Ways to Be Your Own Best Friend in This Hard Season of Life

I am able to forgive myself a bit more easily when regret and embarassment knock at my door uninvited, and Im learning to love myself along with the bruises and wounds that are a part of the fabric of my being and accept those messy and imperfect parts of myself.

I have actually moderated fights that involve blood between 2 young human beings, and in some cases I state suggests words that I cant believe I might have stated to a six-year-old child. I understand I might simplify a lot by sending out the kids to an in-person school or getting child care in the house, but I have not been comfortable with either of those choices given the threat where I live.

“Talk to yourself like somebody you love.” ~ Brené Brown

As I type this, I recognize how fortunate I am to even type these lines and just how much there is to be grateful for, to appreciate at this time given the charm, abundance, and delight that still exists.

With discomfort typically comes meaning. And our tears can be a catalyst for change– in our inner and external worlds.

One night as I was reviewing the appeal in this season, I realized that a person of the most treasured gifts has been the depth and intimacy in my relationship with myself. I am discovering that this relationship has reinforced in a caring and really effective way. Regardless of the messiness of my life, I have the ability to love myself more deeply than ever in the past.

It has been over six months of this strange way of living. A lot is hard, uncomfortable, and agonizing– inside my house and outside worldwide.

I discover myself tired, tired, and overwhelmed a lot. I have two young kids; my partner and I work complete time, and my home can frequently feel like sheer chaos.

As I was processing this, I paused and asked myself what is assisting me through this season to become finest buddies with myself, and this is what emerged for me. Possibly some of this will be valuable to you if you d also like to use this time to deepen your connection with yourself.

While in some methods, I feel so charred out, in other methods, I have actually found more area to learn more about myself in abundant and much deeper ways. Amidst all the chaos and unpredictability, I find more guts to sit with my huge feelings, resolve them, and pick love once again, even when love feels hard.

I am more familiar with the parts of myself that are hard to like and the restricting stories I can make about myself– my highly sensitive personality, my impulsive behaviors with my other half, and minutes of low confidence at work. I have had the ability to better process my relationship and accessory to money, my expert identity, and the limiting presumptions around what it indicates to be effective.

As my external world has shrunk down considerably, I find myself typically in deep conversations with myself– on solo hikes, mornings prior to the kids awaken, or in those last few minutes at bedtime before I fall off to sleep with the kids.

1. Make area for grieving.

I discover every day to offer myself area and approval to feel this pain. It is not about whimpering and wallowing but feeling in such a way that feels whole and healthy. It implies giving authorization for the tears to flow down when they need to so that significance can emerge on the other end.

There is a lot that is hard right now, in our world more broadly– the unpredictability, the deaths and suffering, the racial oppression, political chaos, climate modification, and so on. And after that personally, I miss out on a lot about my previous life, and I understand some of it will never be the exact same.

I had a whole town supporting me in raising my kids– friends, household, childcare suppliers, school, afterschool activities, and so on, and actually overnight that got eliminated from me.

2. Enjoy whats here.

And yet, in huge and small ways there is delight and appeal to be discovered in the now– in the strength and kindness of so many human beings on earth, the love and empathy that is coming to the forefront, and the truth of just how much humans need real physical connection.

Rather of concentrating on what you cant do, house in on what you get to do now that regular life has been upended. Recognize it, appreciate it, and let yourself enjoy it.

In my own home, I am relishing morning reading with the kids, longer snuggles and bedtimes, and being a part of their learning and development that wasnt readily available previously with our schedules. For over a decade, I wanted to train as a coach and am lastly in training and couldnt have actually discovered something more purposeful especially in this season.

3. Dream for whats possible.

I am finding out to provide myself approval to feel deeply– both the joy and unhappiness in any given minute. This has actually led to courage in having the ability to dive deeper into what I desire, whats making me come alive, and what my future holds.

As I reconstruct the canvas of my own post-pandemic life, I am asking what colors and textures I desire on my painting. What wasnt serving me that does not need to be revived. What layers can I shed and what brand-new contours should I invite in?

How would you address those questions?

4. Select discussions mindfully.

The voices that we hear beyond us end up being the voices in our head, and in this interesting time where I get to (strangely) have more control on which social engagement I am stating yes to or which colleague I am delicately getting in touch with, I am finding more capability to pick what discussions I am having. Given that a lot of my world is solitary, the books and podcasts that I am engaging with have a greater effect on who I am ending up being.

Take a stock of who and what youre engaging with. Is it fueling you or draining you? Are your external impacts keeping you stuck or supporting you in ending up being the individual you wish to be?

5. Prioritize your relationship with yourself.

As you discover your own method these surreal times, I hope you learn more about yourself much better and, because procedure, can like and accept yourself with a bigger heart. Love in the world begins with love on your own. When so much else is taken away from us at this time, your own breath and mind and your connection with yourself is a gift that is always offered to you.

Having a coach and purposeful interactions around getting to much better comprehend myself indicates that I have a dedicated space and structure to invest in my relationship with myself. When pain emerges, I feel more geared up to hold area for my pain. I focus on time alone, writing, treking, art, and reading despite the fact that it is often imperfect, cut off sometimes by the kids. Its this practice of selecting myself that is helping me much better serve those I wish to be in service for.

Despite the messiness of my life, I am able to like myself more deeply than ever before.


What would it appear like to prioritize your relationship with yourself? What activities would nourish you, and how can you make time and space for them?

Neha Mandhani is a management coach for moms and dads who desire to give birth to their callings. She enjoys to trek, read and prepare and significant connections is one her greatest sources of joy.

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I prioritize time alone, composing, treking, art, and checking out even though it is often imperfect, cut off lots of times by the kids. As you discover your own way in these surreal times, I hope you get to understand yourself better and, in that process, can like and accept yourself with a larger heart. Love in the world starts with love for yourself. She loves to hike, read and cook and significant connections is one her greatest sources of pleasure.

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