Health innovation insider: 11 rapid-fire Qs with Hoag’s Chief Digital Officer Kathy Azeez-Narain

” I honestly never actually believed about leaving; however, when I had my child 5 years ago, I had a life changing experience at the hospital I delivered at and I came out of it wondering if the important things I learnt about innovation and digital could possibly assist an industry like this. That believed stayed with me, and I started to check out a lot more about health care and pay far more attention to what was taking place in health tech.”.

” It was certainly a tough and whirlwind choice, but I think for me what drew me to health care was the chance to make a distinction and use my experience to drive effect in this market,” she stated. “That was probably the big push that got me to move during a pandemic, bring my household to California and sign up with Hoag.”.

Q: iPhone or Android?.

Jackie Drees –
Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Here, Ms. Azeez-Narain shares rapid-fire insights on health IT innovations, from healthcares most significant disruptor to the future of synthetic intelligence.

Editors note: Responses have been gently edited for clearness and length.

Ahead of her new function as primary digital officer at Hoag Hospital, Kathy Azeez-Narain invested her profession serving in various digital functions in the financial services market.

Kathy Azeez-Narain: Mac.

KN: iPhone.

Ms. Azeez-Narain chose to make the hurdle industries after Hoag called and asked her to consider the chief digital officer role. Encouraged by the medical facilitys mission, purpose and the opportunity to bring her digital and development viewpoint into new opportunities in healthcare, Ms. Azeez-Narain accepted the position and moved herself and her family from New York City to California throughout the pandemic..

Question: Mac or PC?.

Prior to signing up with the Newport Beach, Calif.-based hospital, Ms. Azeez-Narain operated at American Express, leading digital and technology development both inside business operations along with to enhance consumer experience. It wasnt until in 2015 that she pondered leaving the monetary market, Ms. Azeez-Narain informed Beckers Hospital Review.

Q: What development or innovation has made the biggest difference in your organizations COVID-19 reaction?

KN: My Apple Watch or my iPad Pro. Those are the two devices I bring everywhere with me.

KN: There are many, however for COVID-19 particularly, I would say telehealth and our capability to link with clients through digital means has been vital.

Q: Whats the No. 1 tech gadget you could not live without at work?.

Q: Whats your go-to voice assistant: Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Siri?

KN: I blend between Alexa and Siri..

KN: A better user interface and a customer view of data is on the top of my list. While EHR innovation is a capable platform and it delivers what it needs to from a medical record viewpoint, I would say one space that they need to take on is applying human interaction design to the item.

Q: If you could add any tool to your EHR tomorrow, what would it be?.

Q: Which retail or tech giant will be the greatest disrupter to health care?

KN: I think Amazon is going to have a huge function. As it relates to the big tech business, Amazon will absolutely move in with stealth and speed, just based on the number of patents theyve filed in the healthcare space.

Q: What client engagement tech do you forecast will be most used by clients in the next 3-5 years?

KN: Its effect on reducing the time invested in procedures and administrative tasks for doctors and medical staff, leading them to have more time that can be spent looking after patients and supplying healthcare to the population. More generally, Im excited to see how AI will make basic things we use today, smarter..

KN: The usage of wearable innovation combined with AI will broaden. We will also see numerous things in the digital area moving to the Intelligence of things vs. basic Internet of Things-type devices..

Q: What delights you most about the future of AI in health care?.

Q: If you could only have three apps on your phone, which would you choose?

KN: Spotify, Amazon and my Safari internet browser.

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KN: Right now Im in a new stage of life, so my expert skill is learning more about this industry from a customer lens, finding ways that the technology swirling around it can integrate into it and defining the ideal problems to leverage innovation/technology to solve. Beyond that Im also concentrated on building a group of digital skill in business and bringing my knowledge from an external viewpoint to the forefront.

KN: A much better user interface and a customer view of information is on the top of my list. While EHR technology is a capable platform and it delivers what it needs to from a medical record viewpoint, I would state one space that they require to tackle is using human interaction design to the item. The experience still feels like its coming from a technology place and not necessarily the person utilizing it. KN: I think Amazon is going to have a big role. As it relates to the big tech business, Amazon will definitely move in with stealth and speed, simply based on the number of patents theyve filed in the health care area.

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Q: What is one professional ability youre presently concentrated on?.