Daily Profit Machine Review – Can This Service Improve Your Trading?

Daily Revenue Maker Evaluation

Sturgill trades ETFs, options, and stocks supplying alerts of his trade signals through SMS, text, and e-mail with the objective of generating revenues every day. The service provides trade informs premarket to enable traders to prepare their watch list for the trading day. Swing trades and carried out trades are informed in real-time.

The service was initially introduced in 2017 spearheaded by millionaire trader Davis Martin, but has actually considering that passed the torch to Sturgill. The service likewise goes by the name Daily Deposits and is integrated into the Raging Bull network of websites devoted to improving trading performance for its members through signals and education services. Weve evaluated other Raging Bull services like Jason Bond Picks, Weekly Money Multiplier, and Bullseye Trades. Today we are going to take a look at Daily Profit Machine.

Daily Profit Machine is a trade notifies, analysis, and education service dealing with traders and self-directed financiers. The website is operated by “# 1 swing trader” Ben Sturgill, a day and swing trader with an MA in Teaching and Bachelors Degree in History from the University of New Hampshire.

About Daily Profit Machine.


Daily Profit Machine is a trade notifies, analysis, and education service run by Ben Sturgill. It provides trade informs premarket, enabling traders to prepare their watch list for the day.

Is this service worth the cash? Keep reading our Daily Profit Machine evaluation to learn

As a member, you ought to benefit from the video library. The video library contains video lessons that can help you better understand the Daily Profit Machine method which will eventually make it much easier to keep up with the signals.

The calendar illustrates the day-to-day gains method that compounds through the month. Sturgill does not opt for triple-digit home runs but tries to find consistent songs and doubles with periodic crowning achievement in unpredictable markets. The profits are still pretty remarkable, with signals routinely returning upwards of 30%.

How Daily Profit Machine Works.


Daily Profit Machine is likewise among the few newsletter services weve reviewed that offers a money-back warranty. You can request a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with the service within 30 days. There is a catch. In order to be qualified for a refund, you require to complete all of the modules in the education suite. While this may be annoying to some traders, we believe it is fair. IF you put in the work required to make the most of the service, Daily Profit Machine is ready to use refunds.

Daily Profit Machine Trading Courses.

This is where sticker label shock enters have fun with the method they present the pricing strategies. This is more attributed to how the Raging Bull company prices the services.

Sturgill is experienced both as an intraday and swing trader proficient in choices trading as well as stocks. He mostly begins the day with an analysis of the SPY ETF and notifies customers to a SPY choices trade for the day. The SPY represents the stock market efficiency as an entire and has actually become a significantly popular ETF for options traders.

Throughout our Daily Profit machine evaluation, we were impressed by the truth that Ben Sturgill concentrates on liquidity when making notifies. Signaling illiquid stocks and choices increases the risk and volatility associated with a group of traders following an alert. The ingrained safety factor of trading the most liquid instruments, like the SPY ETF and S&P 500 element stocks, cant be downplayed. While the potential for trading losses still exists, the self-inflicted impact of group “livestock call” notifies triggering the underlying stock to drop or spike isnt an element..

Accommodates small and big trading accounts with stock and options alternative suggestions.
Sturgill navigates successfully through both increasing and falling markets.
March 2020 efficiency shows exceptional bearish market results.
SPY ETF and S&P 500 stocks make sure minimal market effect from member participation in trade signals.
More technical analysis indications make it suitable for chart-based traders.
Comprehensive quick start training program for options and stocks included.


Sturgill keeps a running performance history calendar that offers the efficiency of the everyday SPY alternatives trade and any additional choices trade for that day. You can see both winning and losing trades, although the winning trades surpass the losing trades by a substantial margin. The Daily Profit Machine technique has a 90% win rate in 2020 (according to the official site).

This service takes the legwork out of filtering and searching for trade set-ups.

Membership consists of access to the RagingBull community, composed of subscribers to its numerous sites and services. The neighborhood is composed of traders and financiers of all skill levels.

You need to consider your account size prior to buying a subscription. You can easily make your money back from revenues on a few of the choices trades if you have a big sufficient account. If you are trading with a smaller account, the trading system is still efficient, but it may take longer to recover your membership charge.

Is Daily Profit Machine A Good Value?.

Membership to the service includes a fast start training course explaining the set-ups and chart analysis for etfs and stocks. The course is a terrific starting point for new members.

Ben Sturgill evaluates a combination of moving typical convergence with momentum oscillator activates before issuing a trade alert. Sturgill has the experience to spot set-ups ahead of the triggers to strike the entries at ideal costs and alert subscribers in a prompt adequate way for them to piggyback the trade.

Performance Calendar.

Members are anticipated to understand the set-ups and play them on their own terms, its apparent most will jump in on the alert. For this factor, its comforting to understand that underlying stocks are extremely liquid and trade heavy volumes, which can blunt any slippage from “cattle call” type purchasing that can make a big effect on thinner stocks, particularly cent stocks.

Separate options trading tutorial and training videos are included to get members acclimates to the mechanics of choices.

Sturgill keeps a running track record calendar that provides the performance of the everyday SPY alternatives trade and any extra choices trade for that day. You can see both winning and losing trades, although the winning trades outnumber the losing trades by a significant margin.

By sticking with S&P 500 stocks and the SPY ETF, Daily Profit Machine supplies members with a layer of “market effect” security without the newbies even knowing it. When dealing with a day trading or swing trading service with a big reach, this is crucial. If these services concentrate on illiquid stocks, they can move the market and risk messing up an excellent trade alert.

Traders need to be able to handle exits particularly in quick markets or face slippage.
Pricing bundles and “discount rates” feel too gimmicky.

Sturgill depends on smaller sized time frames like the 5-minute, 15-minute, and 60-minute to weekly and everyday charts for keeping track of intraday movement and swing trade set-ups. The secret with trade notifies is performing the entries as closer to the triggers to allow members to be alerted in a timely way. The smaller amount of time provide the benefit of an earlier direct prior to validating on the larger timespan.

In general, the service is an excellent worth for the yearly service. I have issues buying life time memberships to any service upfront, however thats simply me..


The March 2020 efficiency was impressive as the SPY went into a plunge throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While lots of people were losing cash, Ben Sturgill was earning money. This efficiency highlights that Sturgills trading strategies arent just restricted to increasing markets, but likewise perform incredibly well in falling markets.

Daily Profit Machine is a service that allows traders to trade around Ben Sturgills trading technique. Sturgill is both an alternatives trader and a stock trader, however, the options informs appear to be the star of the service.

The Unlimited Plan is $2,997 however discounted to a $1,497 lifetime subscription and $97 yearly upkeep fee. The Annual Plan is $799 for a year subscription, marked down from $1,497.

What Type Of Trader Is Daily Profit Machine Best For?.

While this service is great for both day trading and swing trading, it is perfect for traders who want to be more active in the markets. Whereas services like Motley Fool Options will send out longer-term choices trades, Daily Profit Machine tends to focus on shorter amount of time.


The videos are easy to swallow and cover the fundamental groundwork for directional single-leg trades. These are self-paced and extremely advised onboarding tools that traders of all skill levels must review. If you wish to find success with choices trading, you require to understand what you are doing. It makes sense to evaluate the video material so you can become a more well-rounded trader.

Daily Profit Machine is a trade informs, analysis, and education service run by Ben Sturgill. Sturgill trades ETFs, stocks, and alternatives providing signals of his trade signals by means of SMS, text, and e-mail with the objective of producing profits every day. Swing trades and carried out trades are signaled in real-time.

The accommodative nature of using alternate alternatives trade tips for a stock trade alert makes this service matched for novices, along with seasoned veterans wanting to “embrace” daily trading concepts.

I discovered this level of accommodation to both large and small account holders refreshing..

Using the SPY headwinds, Sturgill will monitor his watch list for stocks that are setting up for a swing trade. He will notify members by means of SMS, text, or e-mail upon execution of a trade (both his entry and exit).


In order to accommodate both equity and choices traders, Sturgill will recommend suitable choices trades to think about if swing trading the stock. Vice versa, Sturgill will recommend the levels to trade the stock if hes swinging the options.

Daily Profit Machine uses text alerts, e-mail alerts, and academic product for trading choices. It is ideal for active traders who have a good understanding of options (and the associated danger).