The 9 Aura Colors and Their Meanings (+ What They Say About a Person’s Personality) [2020]

An individuals aura color represents their emotional state and their individual qualities. As Katheryn Grace, the creator of Aura Shop, states, “Anything alive has an aura.”

A human aura is typically a combination of different aura colors. There is typically a more dominant color that sticks out more than the others. A life color normally doesnt change over the course of a persons life, they may gain an extra, different color when they develop a new skill or character quality.

The majority of people are incapable of seeing auras with the naked eye. Its still possible to tell what somebodys aura is based upon the energy they provide.

The 9 Aura Colors and Meanings:

Throughout an aura reading, an aura reader will typically ask the customer to sit against a background and then take a picture. The camera will produce a Polaroid with various colors throughout the photo. The colors to the ideal represent the individuals emotion throughout the prior week. The colors over the head and torso represent their existing emotion. And the colors to the left represent their weeks to come.

To put it simply, aura photography shows the auric field of a person. Christina Lonsdale, a Portland-based artist, discusses it like this: “The cam utilizes hand sensors that choose up this energy field and an exclusive algorithm matches this energy to a color.”

To identify what those colors in the photo really suggest, here is a breakdown of all the aura color meanings:

An orange aura represents imagination and sexual energy. These people gain from experience instead of checking out theories or essays. They prefer having hands-on experience in a topic. Orange is related to the sacral chakra, so anyone with an orange aura has their sacral unblocked.

A green aura means somebody is kind, caring, and flexible. They have an open heart and are easily influenced by others since they select to see the great in individuals. They also love music and nature. This color is connected with the heart chakra, which means anyone with a green chakra has their heart chakra uncloged. The green aura color meaning can likewise be negative. Muddier shades of green can represent possessiveness and worry of not being loved.

A white aura indicates somebody has a quick mind and a strong sense of connection to a higher power. They are perfectionists who are worried and constantly worried. This aura is related to the crown chakra.

A brown aura, or a tan aura, indicates an individual is hard-working, grounded, and prefers dealing with their hands. This color can likewise represent greed and selfishness. It suggests an individual is self-involved and extremely opinionated.

A blue aura, or an indigo aura, represents a powerful mind. They are informative and wise. Nevertheless, they need to be cautious to ground themselves considering that they are daydreamers. This color is connected with the throat chakra.

A purple aura, or a violet aura, represents intelligence, sensitivity, and intuition. It is related to the third-eye chakra. Anyone with a purple aura or a violet aura might have psychic capability.

A pink aura means somebody is kind, compassionate, caring, and loving. They must be careful when it pertains to setting boundaries due to the fact that their sweet nature makes it simple for others to make the most of them. Like a green aura, this color is related to the heart chakra.

A yellow aura, or a gold aura, means somebody is bright, happy, and charming. Anybody with a yellow aura is positive, strong, and empowered. They make buddies everywhere they go because they are social and have a character that brings in others. This color is associated with the solar plexus chakra, so anyone with a yellow aura has their solar plexus unblocked.

The majority of peoples auras can have both positive and negative associations, this aura color significance is totally unfavorable. Grounding or energy recovery can help brighten the aura back up.

A red aura means somebody has an energetic, enthusiastic, and intense personality. They dont like to follow directions and will put their ideas into action without hesitation. Red is related to the root chakra, so having a red aura implies an individuals root chakra is unblocked and healthy.

A turquoise aura suggests someone has strong communication abilities. They are multi-taskers who are incredibly organized and are fantastic at dealing with difficult scenarios. Since they are so magnetic, they have a strong impact on others.

A grey aura is unusual. It represents unfavorable emotions and negative energy. The color can indicate a lack of instructions or confusion about where an individual is headed in their life.

A rainbow aura is rare to see. These auras generally belong to somebody who is spiritually developed, who practices meditation frequently, or who considers themselves an energy therapist. There is also a belief that newbie versions to the Earth have rainbow auras due to the fact that they are still spiritually linked to the realm of creation.

The 7 Aura Layers:

Auras are in fact layered. Each layer represents a different part of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions of a human. Its important to know the aura layer significance in addition to the color significance, so here is what every one represents:

The third layer is the Mental Layer. It is situated four to eight inches from the body. Psychological health issues typically provide themselves in this layer.

The 6th layer is the Celestial Layer. It is two to three feet away from the body. It represents the subconscious mind.

The 2nd layer is the Emotional Layer, which is in the shape of an oval. This layer is 2 to 4 inches away from the body. It is continuously altering and shows a persons current mood.

The fourth layer is the Astral Bridge Layer. It is 8 to twelve inches away from the body. It is the window to a persons spiritual nature and represents wellness, life-balance, and love.

The very first aura layer is the Etheric Layer, which lays out the body. This layer is just situated one to two inches from a person, which is why it is able to expose the conditions and health of the physical body.

The seventh layer is the Ketheric Template Layer. This is the final layer, which safeguards all the other auras and holds them together.

The 5th layer is the Etheric Template Layer. It is 2 feet away from the body. It represents the level of interaction and imagination an individual consists of.


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A human aura is usually a mix of various aura colors. A purple aura, or a violet aura, represents intelligence, instinct, and sensitivity. A blue aura, or an indigo aura, represents an effective mind. A brown aura, or a tan aura, suggests a person is hard-working, grounded, and chooses working with their hands. A lot of peoples auras can have both favorable and negative associations, this aura color meaning is completely negative.