TrustHCS, Visionary RCM, T-System, RevCycle+ Merge to Form New Entity CorroHealth

What You Ought to Know:

— CorroHealth– a newly-formed entity– combines the services and technologies of TrustHCS, Visionary RCM, T-System, and RevCycle+.

— Under this new entity, CorroHealth is dedicated to
assisting customers navigate regulatory compliance complexities, ease physician problems
and enhance financial outcomes.

Today, four profits cycle management services and innovation organizations have combined together as a newly-formed entity– CorroHealth. TrustHCS, Visionary RCM, T-System, and RevCycle+ have joined forces to supply a greater breadth of repayment cycle, danger change, and quality options to health systems and payers.

What is CorroHealth?

International financial investment company The
Carlyle Group owns a majority stake in CorroHealth, with Cannae Holdings,
Inc. (NYSE: CNNE), Sanaka Group, and affiliates of TripleTree Holdings also
serving as investors.

< " We understood health systems and strategies would have a growing requirement for our solutions, so we strove and discovered a method to bring all 4,000 staff members together as one business, joined by our core. Its been pretty remarkable to see this joint venture come together at such a time as this," stated CorroHealth CEO Patrick Leonard. The four legacy business names will remain through completion of 2020 with a last relocate to the CorroHealth name across all business beginning January 1, 2021. CorroHealth-- driven by assisting clients navigate regulatory and compliance intricacies, ease doctor problems and enhance financial outcomes-- emerges at a time when financial health is especially essential for health systems and payers. CorroHealth integrates the industry-leading domestic middle income cycle group of TrustHCS, with the full-service international shipment design of Visionary RCM, the emergency situation documentation technology options of T-System, and the advanced coding options of RevCycle+.