How Each Zodiac Tries To Cool Down When They’re Heated

You opt for a go to clear your head. You need to do something or youre going to take off.


You get psychological. You toss a fit due to the fact that you cant bottle up your feelings anymore.



You try to bring back balance and find peace.



You curse. You shout. You throw a fit due to the fact that you cant repress your emotions anymore.

You call someone you rely on to tirade to them about how incredibly upset you are and how youre not sure how to manage it.

You blast music. You attempt to drown out your own thoughts.

You practice meditation. You do yoga. You attempt to bring back balance and find peace.



You snack on unhealthy food. You console yourself by treating yourself.

You try to forget your issues. It only gets you angrier.


You get quiet. You get lost in your thoughts and do not state a word.

You have a drink. You attempt to forget your issues. But it only gets you angrier.



You get emotional. You cant stop the tears. You end up crying your eyes out.

You get on social networks to rant about how upset you are with the world. You make sure everybody knows where you stand.



You head to bed. You hope whatever will feel better in the early morning.

You do your research study. You attempt your finest to see the other persons perspective so you can stop hating them so much.