6 things to know about telehealth medical malpractice concerns

Jackie Drees –
Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

In a Sept. 29 op-ed for Bloomberg Law, Lindsay Lowe, a public health and healthcare law lawyer at Wolfe Pincavage law practice in Miami, outlined potential medical malpractice concerns companies need to be conscious of when providing telehealth services.

Six things to understand:.

Telehealth adoption has actually accelerated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating the need for companies to analyze their malpractice risks related to virtual care.

1. Usage of telehealth platforms produces a greater risk for information breaches of the patients secured health information.

2. Companies might experience obstacles when taking a look at clients through digital health platforms rather than in-person check outs. This, in many cases, can result in misdiagnosis or possible inappropriate prescription of the patients medication.

3. Software constraints or web server problems might also lead to diagnostic errors.

4. Best practices to minimize medical malpractice concerns are to inform clients on what to anticipate throughout their telehealth sees and offering informed authorization that describes prospective threats with the telehealth services as well as their respective security steps.

5. Suppliers need to also precisely record the virtual go to and keep appropriate patient records, which guarantees patient confidentiality and standards of care are satisfied.

6. Service providers ought to acquaint themselves with their state telemedicine laws due to the fact that some states have particular requirements around patient case history, composed paperwork, follow-up care and emergency situation arrangements.

Companies might experience difficulties when examining clients by means of digital health platforms rather than in-person sees. This, in some cases, can lead to misdiagnosis or possible inappropriate prescription of the patients medication.

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