Cut through the AI hype – from Virtual Conference

Cut through the AI hype– from Virtual Conference
Recently we had the honour of joining Auntminnie.coms Virtual Conference on AI, Enterprise Imaging and beyond.
We were extremely satisfied by the top thought management presented during the 2-day conference: Valuable insights were shared on AI, Enterprise Imaging and beyond, that will unquestionably advance us as a radiology neighborhood, especially during these tough COVID-19 times. Agfa HealthCare Global Chief Medical Officer, Anjum Ahmed, hosted a session and talked about the significance of going beyond the selection of the ideal AI algorithms and embedding AI efficiently to help enhance existing workflows. And, how an Enterprise Imaging method enables you to go from an AI hype to the actual application of AI in Radiology, to improve clinical confidence and the delivery of care.
The recording of the session is available. Click here.
For more on Enterprise Imaging and AI, go to the Agfa HealthCare site and connect to your local Agfa HealthCare representative..