Why Each Zodiac Is ‘Just Friends’ With Their Crush

You re terrified your sensations are more powerful than theirs. You re scared they ll state yes to dating you, simply since they put on t want to injure your feelings.

You re frightened you re confusing friendship with desire. You re scared getting together with them is a bad concept.

You re scared of taking a danger by inquiring out. You re scared the date won t go as well as it always performs in your head.


You re afraid they wear t feel the same method. You re frightened you ve been checking out all their signals incorrect.

You re scared you re going to hurt them. You re scared you re going to break their heart.




You re scared of destroying the relationship. You re frightened you ll break up and things will never ever be the same in between you.




You re afraid they see you as a sister. You re frightened they aren t interested in taking things further with you.

You re terrified you work much better as good friends. You re terrified kissing them wouldn t feel right.

You re frightened they re still hung up on somebody else. You re terrified you can t compare.


You re afraid they re going to turn you down because they know you too well. They know all your bad practices and flaws..


You re frightened you re currently getting too attached to them. You re terrified you couldn t handle losing them.

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You re frightened to calm down with someone you like this much. You re frightened of getting your heart broken.