What Helps Me Get Strong When Life Gets Hard

“Its time you understood that you have something in you more incredible and effective than the important things that impact you and make you dance like a puppet.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Fearing that I might embarrass myself and spoil my schoolmates happy minutes, I left in the middle of the ceremony and rushed back house. I locked myself in my room and wept my eyes out for hours on end.

Paradoxically, the smile, chatter, and excitement of my classmates and their enjoyed ones only contributed to my woes. I became increasingly more anxious with each minute that passed.

The atmosphere of the auditorium was filled with laughter and enjoyment from students, family members, and instructors. Deservedly so. That day marked the end of countless sleep deprived nights, exams, reports, and humiliations. To everyone, it was like the end of a forty-hour marathon in the Himalayas.

Without a correct task nor a steady income, she did whatever in her power to ensure that I had a strong education. I would have provided anything to have her commemorate such a happy moment with me.

Eleven months before graduation, I had actually protected a task from a reliable accounting company. Life does not get any much better than this for a global trainee 1o,000 miles away from house.

On November 10, 2016, at 10pm, the only person that was around throughout those uncomfortable times chose to put an end to our relationship. Usually, that would have been simply another break up. To me, it was a breaking point!

Slowly, things started to change. 3 months prior to graduation all 3 members of my family fell gravely ill. When I wasnt awake talking on the phone with them, I was awake distressing myself into stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

All of a sudden, I was reminded of all the discomforts my mom had gone through to get me to where I was. When my father left her due to the fact that she didnt accept terminate me, she took it upon herself to move on with the pregnancy and raise me.

Given the sorrow and discomfort I was sustaining at that time, I had no mental steam to manage another rejection. The discomfort that was already eating my soul ended up being even more excruciating. That night and the seventeen days that followed, all I could believe of was to simply end all of it.

It was my graduation day. Pretending that whatever was fine, I put on a huge smile and went to the event.

Two months before my graduation, the employer who d accepted hire me wasnt returning my calls nor responding to my emails. I began to captivate loads of self-deprecating thoughts. Bit by bit, I was coming down into oblivion.

I came to a point when I couldnt consume, sleep, or delight in any activity. As I isolated myself, I became more and more lonesome.

The Turning Point

Eighteen days later on, on November 28, 2016, I chose to open up to a pastor and her partner. For the first time, I counted all my discomfort and sorrows to this couple who provided me their undivided attention for three hours non-stop.

How could someone without limbs have such a positive outlook on life? I comprehended that there must be more to joy and comfort than the difficulties of life.

That night, I went home with a restored sense of hope. It seemed like a big weight had been taken off my shoulders. For the very first time in eighteen days, life seemed to have more potential for delight than it ever did.

Halfway through the video, a feeling of bitterness and embarassment was washing all over me.

Back to my room in front of my computer, a video by Nick Vudijic on how to overcome hopelessness made its method through my screen as if by magic.

I was identified to learn what I required to do to assist me browse lifes troubles without losing any sense of enjoyment or hope. In the subsequent months, I would find what it takes to turn disappointment into achievement, desperation into inspiration.

Concentrating on Your Blessings

Im not saying that feeling down or disappointed is abnormal, that you shouldnt feel unfortunate when you are going through difficulties. Rather, regardless of how dark a situation is, there is always a silver lining. You simply need to browse for it.

I do not anticipate you to concur with me. All Im asking is that you put this claim to test and show me incorrect. You have absolutely nothing to lose however a world of peace and relief to gain the minute you put pen to paper counting your blessings.

Still, I took a paper and challenged myself to compose ten things that I was grateful for. Within minutes I was all worked up writing positive elements of my life that had formerly eluded me. I might have been nervous, however I wasnt hospitalized, I had a roofing over my head, I had buddies that looked after me. My mama may have been sick, however she lived.

It ended up being clear to me that my mindset towards my issues was clouding my judgments and preventing me from seeing the charm of life. I realized that no matter what you are going through there are always a thousand reasons to be happy.

Ive heard it said that counting your blessings is an effective way to deal with challenges of life. It sounded too good to be true to me– and exceptionally hard. How can someone count their true blessings when theyre certainly in an overall mess?

Put Your Problems in Perspective

Gradually, it dawned on me that a few of these people were going through problems that were way bigger in magnitude than my issues.

Putting your issues in point of view and realizing that you are not as unfortunate as your distorted thoughts make you think, will be an important property in helping you take positive actions towards solving your issues.

As she counted the story, I got overtaken by feelings, lost all professional composure, and started to cry right in front of her. After this incident, it became clear to me: No matter what issues you are going through there are people with similarly unpleasant or even larger issues out there.

I decided to put my own awareness to the test. In addition to counting my true blessings, I began to try out two extra ways to put my problems in point of view.

Individuals in Asia, where I live, are really traditional, and a lot of families would not freely live this kind of arrangement because of how it would be perceived by society. The pity and betrayal she felt were so disheartening that it impacted her research studies, her state of mind, and her sense of self. She was devastated!

Likewise, when Im dealing with a problem that feels insoluble, I put my problem at number ten on a paper and make every effort to discover 9 others who are going through much larger issues.

People from all walks of life ended up being drawn in to me in methods I never ever imagined before. They were trying to find my suggestions on how to manage their own life difficulties.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by a problem, I put the problem Im facing at number ten on a piece of paper. I then aim to find 9 even worse issues that I could be dealing with right now.

As I continued to compose my true blessings very first thing in the morning and before retiring in the evening, the joy and assurance I experienced ended up being contagious to anybody I came in contact with.

Looking at my issues in this light provided me a effective and exceptional method to build a strong sense of humility. Yes, it is absolutely important to see the light that shines through the darkness, but its similarly important to acknowledge that the darkness might not be as dark as you picture it to be.

When she told me the story of her moms and dads, I will never ever forget how much pain one young trainee felt. At twenty-four, she discovered that her moms and dads had an open marriage and her mother was and seeing another man aside from her daddy. Neither of her parents dared to inform her till she learnt herself.

The Power Question

I became convinced that everyone needs to have a set of skills to react to lifes challenges. I asked myself, “What inner strength do I have, or do I require to develop, in order to face this problem?”

As I developed a sense of thankfulness and humility, I recognized I required to do more to come out stronger from those obstacles. Counting blessings and putting problems in point of view might work in the psychological plane, but they wont make problems disappear.

As I continued my journey reading, reflecting, and finding suggests to resolve my problems, I stumbled upon a famous quote by Epicurus: “Skillful pilots acquire their reputation from storms and tempest.” The depth of the significance of this quote made a profound and immediate influence on me.

Usually, when the going gets difficult, we ask ourselves blame questions such as: “Why me?” “Why is this taking place to me?”

No matter what you may be going through, I challenge you to ask yourself: What self-confidence do I have, or do I need to establish, in order to face this issue?

I never would have done any of this had I asked myself the power question.

It took me three years of using these concepts prior to I might see any tangible results. Be careful of the get-happy-quick scheme. Anything important takes time. Your happiness is no different. A combination of a prepared heart, a bias for action, and patience are all you require to live your life of joy and meaning.

If you count your blessings, put your problems in perspective, ask yourself the power concern, and take consistent daily actions to reinforce your mind you will get outcomes beyond your wildest creativity.

At the time of this writing, Im happy to have affected the life of thousands of young individuals throughout Asia. Ive seen students, new hires, and even managers develop a favorable outlook on life as a result of those stories.

Or we might merely slam ourselves by discounting our strengths. “Im never gon na make it …”.

Ive developed the psychological maturity that permits me to flex without splitting, and to change my sails with the whirling wind of anxiety, worry, and stress.

By asking yourself this power concern, you change your point of view and find what it takes to help you out of the rut. You do not blame, whine, or slam– you start!

Does this mean Im problem-free right now? Definitely not. Just like the clouds in the sky, problems go and come, however Im no longer tossed around like a piece of wood on a stormy sea.

Asking myself this easy concern assisted me comprehend that I might utilize my life stories to empower others, either in composing or through my workshops, workshops, and speeches.

Today, Im living a life of meaning and limitless pleasure. Ive regained my cravings for living. The most meaningful of all my gains is the utmost satisfaction I experience assisting others awaken their inborn geniuses. Composing this article is a direct example of this commitment.

Who knows? Possibly next time, we will take pleasure in an article from you!

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For the very first time in eighteen days, life seemed to have more possible for pleasure than it ever did.

Bachir Bastien aims to be the sparkle that will ignite the fire of possibilities in as lots of people as possible. He currently lives in Taiwan, where he typically carries out workshops, workshops, and 121 coaching aiming at helping people develop courage, self-confidence, and resilience.

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Ive heard it said that counting your blessings is a reliable way to deal with challenges of life. Much like the clouds in the sky, problems go and come, however Im no longer tossed around like a piece of wood on a stormy sea.

A combination of a willing heart, a bias for action, and persistence are all you require to live your life of happiness and significance.

Life does not get any better than this for a worldwide trainee 1o,000 miles away from house.