40 Ways to Exercise Without Realizing It: Fun Exercise!

I know lots of individuals who dislike workout however WANT to discover a method to like it.

And thats what todays post is all about:

Exercising in such a way where life does not draw AND helps you reach your goals.

Fortunately, this is precisely what we provide for a living!

Weve built an entire company and neighborhood around helping individuals get rid of these obstacles– our Online Coaching Program assists people find workouts they love, and likewise how to make the ideal nutritional options.

I know what its like to hate exercise, and ALSO want to drop weight and see outcomes. Ugh.

We are all on an unique journey and we d like to help you with yours!

Exercise doesnt have to suck. Let our coaches help you level up your life!

Workout Sucks. Do This Instead.

” But Steve, I do not like to work out!”

While some are like Odie and love to run around all the time, others resemble Garfield and seem like they should dislike work out.

I hear this every day, and Im not surprised.

After all, I think “workout” sucks too.

Which is why were gon na concentrate on exercise that doesnt feel like exercise!

Sure, it would be excellent if all of us strength trained 5 days a week and got super strong, however the truth is most of us do not have that time– or the desire– to strike the fitness center.

Workout is merely a supporting star, which is why we do not ever NEED to hang around doing workout we hate.

After all, nutrition resembles 90% of the formula..

Lets talk about workout.

Weve already talked thoroughly on Nerd Fitness on how to consume better, so I wont hash that out here.

And more significantly– the very best workout program is the one you in fact do!

And therefore today were going to concentrate on TWO crucial elements of getting more workout in our lives:.

# 1) FIDGETING: Did you know fidgeting (aka “small micromovements”) can represent approximately 350 additional calories burned per day?

The difference translates into about 350 calories a day …”.

Per the New York Times:.

” Overweight people have a propensity to sit, while lean ones have problem holding still and spend 2 hours more a day on their feet, pacing around and fidgeting, researchers are reporting in findings published today.

350 additional calories burned per day aint no joke!

Not just that, however when you factor in inertia (an item at rest tends to remain at rest, and object in motion tends to remain in motion), it paints a pretty intriguing image:.

As we cover in our “How lots of calories should I eat every day?” guide, burning an additional 350 calories per day can lead to sustainable weight reduction and upkeep gradually for many.

We invest our lives attempting to be more “efficient,” however what if the secret to weight loss is to be LESS effective?

From standing up more frequently to parking FARTHER away from the grocery shop, every extra action or movement counts. Todays guide shares TONS of ways to get yourself utilized to moving more often.

Im actually air drumming and shuffling my feet as we speak!

# 2) FUN EXERCISE: Who cares what the optimal exercise is?

Exercise can assist us make fewer unhealthy food options. Instead of “I earned this” you can start informing yourself: “If Im going to work out routinely, I may as well make it worth it by eating right too.”.

Unless you have an extremely specific body youre trying to build, ANY workout is excellent exercise.

Which brings me to todays point:.

This is the kind of stuff we concentrate on– with individualized guideline, with each of our online coaching clients.

Workout is a benefit. Exercise helps your heart get stronger, can help develop muscle, typically gets you outside your house and taking in vitamin D, and brings you a list of other health benefits. Any additional calories burned is a reward!

Our training program makes getting healthy fun. Seriously! Learn how we can assist you on your journey:.

Daily exercise is a continuous suggestion that we are leveling up our lives– that we must continue to make other great options or were virtually losing our time.

Some customers are finding out Olympic lifting, while others are merely concentrating on taking the stairs more and tracking their food. We are all on an unique journey and we d love to assist you with yours!

From dancing to yoga to reaching roughhousing with your kids, all of it counts.

40 Ways to Exercise Without Exercising.

# 2) Walking– No time to trek? Choose a basic walk. Even a 15-minute brisk walk suffices time to get close to a mile strolled, which gets you one step better to Mordor.

Ensure you follow our Beginner Hiking Guide on how to discover a treking spot near you, what shoes to wear, what to bring with you, and more.

You ought to know Tim, a member of our Nerd Fitness neighborhood who lost 50 pounds– while hurt– just by fixing his nutrition and going for long strolls every day!

Do you have a 30-minute conference at work? Have a walking meeting rather. Steve Jobs was understood for doing this.

# 1) Hiking, specifically with pals– Strap on a pair of shoes, get out of the comfy confines of your hobbit-hole, and go explore the world around you!

Im happy that Tim used the approaches laid out in our online courses under Nerd Fitness Prime, to get his outcomes!

# 3) LARP– Live Action Role Playing. May appear silly to those on the outdoors, however to those playing, its an amazing adventure that reminds us how incredible our creativities are.

Depending on the video game, you might be wearing a heavy outfit, swinging heavy weaponry, and running for your life!

# 4) Rock Climbing– I like rock climbing. Its one of the very best arm/back/forearm exercises in presence, you get to feel like a badass when you arrive of the wall, and all climbing up routes are graded so you can level up the obstacle as you get stronger/fitter/better.

Its an in shape geeks dream!

# 6) Dancing– Ever tried major swing dancing? Youll be sweating within ten minutes. How about hip hop? Drenched in sweat, and aching as hell the next day.

# 7) Roughhousing with your kids. I do not have kids, however when I do, you can wager your ass Ill be the dad out rolling around in the back lawn with them. Dont forget what its like to be a kid– it keeps you young.

# 5) Geocaching — If rock climbing is a fit-nerds dream, then geocaching is an adventure geeks dream brought to life. Become a real-life treasure-hunter (Lara Croft? Nathan Drake? You choose!), and get a great workout in while youre at it.

Zumba? Tango? Flamenco? You d be shocked at what you can register for and what will raise your heart rate.

Or, if youre genuinely nerdy, you can do some Digital Geocaching with Pokemon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

I actually enjoyed this post from Art of Manliness on the significance of roughhousing!

# 9) Martial arts– Be sincere. You viewed The Matrix, you heard Neo go “I know Kung Fu” and you wished to have the ability to one day say the exact same thing.

Why not fix your posture, enhance your legs, get more “fidget time” in, and invest the day being more efficient with a standing desk? I have THIS desk and it allows me to change in between sitting and standing.

Yeah. Do that.

If you do not want to stand all the time, ensure you check out up on our guide, “how to survive sitting throughout the day in a workplace.”.

Go find a park, go do handstands, cartwheels, somersaults, and whatever else makes you feel young once again.

I say yes to practically any person that welcomes me to play golf. Wink wink.

It was remarkable to see this person, having lost 100 pounds considering that finding Nerd Fitness, check out the woods like it was no issue: climbing up on stumps, balancing on fallen trees, climbing up trees, and more..

# 8) Climbing on stuff– A couple of years back, I went to a great conference, Midoricon, I was walking through the woods with NF Rebel Joe (No, not THAT Joe).

# 10 Consider a standing desk– Although we all understand that connection does not prove causation, its not a surprise that theres a strong connection in between sitting all day and an unhealthy way of life.

Whether its Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Karate or Capoeira (breakdance fighting, seriously), theres a martial art out there that will make you seem like a badass.

# 12) You know …– That thing that consenting adults do?

# 14) Try handstands– Heres how to do handstands. This is a fun activity that develops some severe arm and core strength and will leave you sweating bullets after even a few minutes.

Moving on …

We work with LOTS of Coaching Clients to get them outdoors and help develop them “enjoyable climbing up programs” that burn tons of calories however dont truly seem like workout.

# 13) Clean!– Ugh, nobody likes to clean the house/apartment. Its not my preferred thing to do. I instead make a game out of it.

I see how much I can achieve with a single tune blasting at max volume, while probably also dancing. I also CRUSH podcasts while doing the dishes.

# 11) Have an active meeting– Hat idea to Charlie Hoehn on this one. If somebody desires to meet you for coffee, recommend something active: tossing a baseball, tossing a frisbee, choosing a walking– anything that gets you up and moving.


Of course, after making it through one song, I figure “welp, Ive currently begun, might as well keep going.”.

Let us construct an enjoyable “playout” program that assists you get more powerful and drop weight without needing a health club! Find out more:.

Have a look at our Beginner Handstand Course!

Register for a couple of different kinds and see which one lines up the best with what youre looking for.

# 16) Playout– Is Parkour too major for you? Try a playout! Spiderman was on to something– climbing up walls, swinging from skyscrapers, and popping turns around the bad men.

# 17) Adult gymnastics– In the exact same vein as Parkour, gymnastics will help you develop some of the very best real-world strength you can get with any kind of workout, and its all performed in a spirited method without a single weight being chosen up.

Swing from rings, somersault, turn onto pads, and more.

# 18) Yoga– Build versatility, strength, and learn to freaking unwind.

There are a million sort of Yoga, consisting of remarkable stuff like Acro-Yoga, infant goat Yoga (not kidding), and Yoga with beer.

Or, you can do it in your workplace:.

# 19) Play video games that make you be active– Beat Saber. Anything that gets you off your ass and moving!

You may not have the ability to swing in between structures, however you can certainly check out a play ground in your location and get creative!

Oh, whats that? Youre playing a regular video game like Grand Theft Auto V? Make a guideline that you can only play while standing, or that you need to do 10 push-ups whenever you die.

There are gyms all over the country.

# 15) Parkour– Our newbies guide to Parkour is among the most popular on Nerd Fitness. I do not care how old you are, theres no reason you cant start with rolling around in your yard and vaulting over picnic tables and bike racks.

Thats what I do to keep myself from investing twelve hours on the sofa in marathon gaming sessions!

You can even work out on a play area too:.

Create an obstacle course on your own and see how quickly you can survive it.

# 20) Play on a play area– Go down the slide, swing across the monkey bars, climb the rope all, balance on the balance beam.

# 21) Play a musical instrument– Did you know playing musical instruments can burn a boatload of calories too?

# 22) Join a Rec League– New in town? Desire to be active and fulfill individuals? Join a co-ed kickball, softball, or tennis league.

If youre dancing around like Taylor Davies playing the violin, I picture this is doubly real.

You get to exercise AND its a fantastic way to meet new individuals through workout!

Heres our Guide to Biking if you want some aid getting started..

The 15 mistakes you do not wish to make.
Complete guide to the most efficient diet and why it works.
Complete and track your first workout today, no health club needed.

You receive from Point A to Point B, you conserve money on gas, and you get an exercise. That would make Michael Scott proud.

# 23) Bike to work– I understand there are a great deal of Rebels in our neighborhood who dropped a bunch of weight by making one modification: they biked to work, or biked to their friends house, or started biking usually.

Get your Nerd Fitness Starter Kit.

# 24) Play a childhood game– What games did you play as a child? Record the flag? Kick the can? Simple tag?

Get a few pals together and give it a shot– it will be the many enjoyable youve had in a while!

# 26) Take the stairs. Its only 2 flights! And we are developed to move. You can do this.

# 25) Park at the back of the car park– Every step counts.

And everything counts! Make a game out of it.

Getting in shape does not have to be miserable. Find out more:.

Blast the tunes, dance around your house, and be absurd. WHO CARES! As a sensible female once said …” Let it gooooooo.”.

When it comes to burning more calories than you take in every day, it ALL COUNTS.

# 30) Impromptu dance parties. Kids or no kids, I find that terrific Disney tunes are fantastic for highlighting your inner child.

# 29) Sit in a squat, or pike position on the flooring while watching TELEVISION. No, not raiding the sofa. Sitting up actively engaging your core!

You can also do some sort of stretch or motion like these bodyweight exercises during commercials (or in the 15 seconds in between Netflix episodes!).

# 27) Crush audiobooks while “working out.” This is called temptation bundling. Pair something you enjoy with an activity youre trying to do more of.

Warning: youll swear no less than 100 times constructing furnishings. Earmuffs!.

Every tiny choice that is somewhat different than the “OLD you” counts.

For beginners, I understand many individuals who do phone interviews while standing because it makes them more alert and a better guest.

Sure, youll get winded the first handful of times. But it eventually becomes regular.

# 31) Go for a walk while on the phone. What if you just decided you needed to represent all of your call?

# 28) Build things. Whether youre constructing a fort with your kid in the yard, or trying to determine why you have 5 additional screws in that IKEA cabinet youre creating, developing things involves lots of moving and flexing and selecting up and maneuvering.

However I wager if you might only listen to Harry Potter (for the 600th time) while strolling on a treadmill, you d be more most likely to get to the health club.

Next: youre gon na get numerous actions in while on the phone without realizing it!

# 32) Having an unscripted picnic. Rather of sitting and gorging yourself at the dining room table, why not consume on the flooring?

Get a towel or a blanket, eat in your living-room or go out into the yard, and make it a picnic!

Youll need to adjust your posture and seating style constantly.

Cant do a pull-up yet? Discover how to get your very first pull-up or chin-up.

# 33) Sit in a squat. We cover this in our “How to squat” guide, however being in a deep squat– typically for long timeframes– is built into us as a types! Weve simply become soft from sitting in chairs all day long.

Here I am sitting in a squat while reading Level Up Your Life ( readily available online and in bookstores across the country!).

# 35) Lasers around your house. Establish colored string pulled securely across your kids rooms or in certain corridors, and you need to go over and under the lasers each time you pass through the corridor.

And every time you go through, you have to do either 1 pull-up, 1 unfavorable pull-up, or 10 seconds of hanging from the bar.

I try to collect 15 minutes of “squat time” every day– being in a squat while reading a chapter in a book, or journaling, or addressing an email with my laptop on the ground.

# 34) The “Pull-up bar Tax”. Get yourself a door-frame pull-up bar. Put it on a door that you need to cross through frequently.

Do not touch the lasers!

Just obtain to move differently than you would have otherwise! We are currently dealing with a woman who has actually lost 100-pounds through our Coaching Program, and her workout is all “fun parkour in the woods behind your home!”.

# 37) The flooring is lava. This is both fantastic for exercise around your home, for a fun date night or night with the kids, and for playing True American. One is slightly more healthy than the other.

# 36) Climb a tree. Your level of safety and ability on this will depend on your experience here, but I keep in mind climbing up trees like a monkey as a kid and caring every minute of it.

Getting up and sitting back down. Doing laps around your workplace.

You do not need to get a standing desk or treadmill desk, however theres a certain correlation between those that cant sit still and body composition. [1]

# 40) Your kid is a backpack! From piggyback rides to playing horsey, staying active with your kids is really powerful in instilling a love of physical fitness in them.

Let us build a weight loss program for you thats ACTUALLY fun! Discover more:.

# 38) Casual Parkour. From avoiding cracks on the walkway to stabilizing on curbs, or leaping from tile to tile, or hopping up onto a bench and after that pull back, it all counts!

Even if its just hanging from a tree branch or attempting to rush up to a low branch, it can be a great way to “exercise.”.

If youre a badass mother like Brownwyn– a success story from Nerd Fitness Prime, you can even do pull-ups while your kid holds on!

Get your Nerd Fitness Starter Kit.

Here are more pointers on how to exercise as an entire household.

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Difficulty yourself to Have enjoyable: Next Steps!

If you are you trying to find more guidance beyond the 40 Fun Exercise Suggestions above, we have three choices to continue your journey:.

1) Join our legendary Online Coaching Program! We create customized programs for each customer based on their lifestyle, goals, and character. From parkour in the park to just strolling more with your children, or even “ending up being a badass powerlifter,” we cater each experience to each person.

Find out how we make exercise fun and in fact get lead to our Online Coaching Program:.

2) Exercising in the house and need a plan to follow? Have questions you need addressed? Sign up for Nerd Fitness Prime!

Nerd Fitness Prime is our premium subscription program which contains at-home workout regimens, live-streamed workouts with NF Coaches, an encouraging online neighborhood, group difficulties, and far more!.

Find out more about Nerd Fitness Prime!

3) Enlist in The Rebellion (its complimentary)! Sign up for our biweekly newsletter and sign up with the Nerd Fitness Rebellion!

Register below:.

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No matter which course you pick above, I desire you to devote to trying something new, or doing something various, at some point in the next week:.

Stop saying “I dont have time” and understand you do. Stop saying “I cant afford it” and find a method to make it a top priority.

Get your Nerd Fitness Starter Kit.

Dedicate in advance. Put down a deposit and make a financial investment in yourself. I pre-paid 6 weeks of swing dance lessons. Having already spent for it, I understood I d be just tossing my money away if I didnt attend.

Go with a friend. I went to my swing classes alone, which forced me to further develop my social abilities, however if you occur to be TOO afraid to participate in a class, get a buddy to drag you there.

Have enjoyable. Keep in mind, we might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Every day above ground is a true blessing, so enjoy it!
When in doubt, move more.

Ill send you lots of totally free guides and bonus offers to assist you begin on your journey today.

Anticipate to suck. Anticipate to suck at it if you are learning a brand-new ability. Youll improve as long as you remember to …

That one thing you always desired to try however have been postponing?

Todays an excellent a day to begin. Simply take that FIRST step.

Google classes in your city. Discover a site that focuses on newbies, and check out it. Do it if theres a place to make a deposit or pre-pay.

Usage 20 seconds fo guts if you have to.

And after that go.

Whats the one new thing youre going to try this month?

– Steve.

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Getting up and sitting back down. You dont need to get a standing desk or treadmill desk, but theres a certain correlation in between those that cant sit still and body structure.


Exercise helps your heart get more powerful, can assist develop muscle, usually gets you outside the house and absorbing vitamin D, and brings you a list of other health benefits. Our coaching program makes getting healthy enjoyable. Even a 15-minute vigorous walk is enough time to get close to a mile strolled, which gets you one action closer to Mordor.