COVID-19 Daily Cases On The Rise In Nearly Half Of U.S. States

New coronavirus infections are on the rise in the U.S., with cases going beyond 7 million today. Some 2 lots states reported increases in brand-new infections, with a handful of states marking new daily records.

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

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Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

New coronavirus infections are on the rise in the U.S., with cases exceeding 7 million today. Some 2 dozen states reported increases in new infections, with a handful of states marking new daily records.

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Cases because state peaked in July, edging past 12,000 daily infections. Because that summer surge, however, Florida has actually seen a decline in everyday cases.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Tracker, the U.S. reported more than 55,000 brand-new cases on Friday. In overall, the U.S. has more than 7,074,000 infections with 204,000 dead as an outcome of COVID-19.

Daily cases were largely on a downward trend through August and early September from highs in July, but are now increasing again.

Elsewhere in the Midwest, South Dakota continued to see a rise in cases. The states department of health reported 579 brand-new cases on its site Saturday– its greatest day-to-day overall since the pandemic started, according to information from Johns Hopkins.

But other states continued to see declines. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he was raising all of the states coronavirus restrictions on organizations and gatherings.

Other states reporting record surges today include Utah, which reported 1,411 new cases Friday. Montana likewise broke its daily record on Saturday with 346 brand-new cases.

In August, a motorcycle rally drew a nearly half million individuals to Sturgis, S.D. The rally was linked to hundreds of cases in South Dakota and other states.

In general, about two-dozen states and areas reported an upward trend in new infections, with some states setting and breaking records in days.

In Wisconsin, the states Department of Health stated it had determined 2,817 new infections on Saturday– its greatest everyday overall because the pandemic begin. It climaxed of 2,533 new infections from Sept. 18.

” Wisconsin is now experiencing unmatched, near-exponential development of the variety of COVID-19 cases in our state,” Evers said in a video published to social media this week.

Later in the week, Evers announced he was assigning $8.3 million for screening at colleges and universities.

Previously in the week, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers declared a brand-new public health emergency. In issuing his executive order Tuesday, Evers kept in mind that an increase in infections amongst youths, particular on schools, was helping to drive the surge.

The variety of new daily coronavirus infections in the U.S. continued to rise this previous week, driven by upward trends in almost half the states that have actually pushed total cases in the country past 7 million. At the very same time, a recent study suggests the huge majority of Americans havent been exposed, far listed below whats needed to stop the infections spread through “herd immunity.”

Far from “herd immunity”

Redfield told legislators on Wednesday that “preliminary lead to the very first round” revealed that more than 90% of the Americans were still prone to COVID-19.

Those figures echo the initial findings of an ongoing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention research study mentioned by director Robert Redfield in congressional testament earlier this week.

Researchers tested blood samples collected from 10s of countless dialysis patients for antibodies. According to their outcomes, just 9% of Americans might have been exposed to the coronavirus. Specialists say that rate is far too low achieve “herd resistance”– where direct exposure to the infection and/or a vaccine significantly minimizes the spread of an infection.

Even as cases rise in much of the U.S., recent information released in the medical journal the Lancet recommends the huge majority of the countrys population hasnt been exposed to the coronavirus.