Kaiser to scale back services at Hawaii medical office, citing financial challenges

” Like every company today, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii is reassessing operations due to the unprecedented obstacles of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has stressed the whole health care system,” Kaiser Permanente stated. “Weve reacted with extraordinary speed, and we will continue on this path to create a better, more efficient health care system for our members and future members.”.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii didnt provide a date for when the services will be scaled back, it stated it will occur “in the near future.”.
As a result of the changes, Kaiser stated some personnel members will be laid off. Regional news station Hawaii News Now reported that 11 professionals and 17 nurses will be affected..

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Alia Paavola –
Friday, September 25th, 2020

The company is examining options for the affected personnel, including offering them various opportunities in the health system and continuing existing wages and advantages for a prolonged duration of time..

Kaiser stated the choice was made after a comprehensive review and it “makes strategic sense.”.

Citing monetary difficulties and the requirement to improve performance in the COVID-19 period and beyond, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii will close its ambulatory surgery center and end gastroenterology services at its Wailuku (Hawaii) Medical Office, according to a declaration sent to Beckers Hospital Review Sept. 24..

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