“What’s Your Favorite Part About Being Gay?”: I Asked 30 Lesbians And Here’s What They Had To Say

My target audience was all of my pals who determined as a lesbian or felt comfortable being referred to as a lesbian in a group, regardless of their gender identity. I began by putting a little sample size of 17 lesbians in one group and asked them all to text me their favorite thing about being gay.

Being a lesbian can be so enjoyable.

Editors Note: Can confirm.Once I saw that they had a lot to state, I took it even larger. I ended up asking 30 lesbians what their favorite feature of being gay is, and this is what they said:

1.– Dalia, 26, my sweetheart

2. “How you never need to ask a lady whats on your mind because females will simply inform you every idea they ever believed or had about having.”– Jess, 25, high school bestie (likewise first queer pal!).

3. “I like when I see another maybe-gay in public and we both try to act gayer to get the other ones attention to make a quiet connection. Its like when dogs see other dogs and they get actually excited.”– Dilean, 22, co-worker.

“I like the connection and sense of neighborhood. Like if you satisfy somebody else thats gay you already comprehend a lot of each others experiences and its simply funny how similar a lot of gay individuals are growing up or just living life.

“My favorite part about being gay is that my being out lead to my capability to satisfy so lots of amazing individuals and make a load of buddies.– Rachel B., 24, my sweetheart utilized to work with her and then they signed up with a lesbian basketball league together.

I have made many fantastic relationships and connections through the LGBTQ+ web around the world.– Emma, 24, Rachel B.s girlfriend who sits in the stands with me at lesbian basketball league video games.

“I feel like I can be myself?– Charlotte, 21, my cousin.

8. “I believe my favorite part of being gay is that it offers me the possibility to be an initial. Its not a really common thing yet to be gay, and were still at a place in society where being gay is typically talked about as someones defining characteristic and not simply a small part of them, so its not constantly a delighted thing, however it does provide me the opportunity to be a little various in any way that I want, and I believe thats quite cool.”– Lea, 24, Rachel B.s college roommate.

Having to carry a baby/attempt a biological pregnancy with a hubby, requiring to remain young/cute/fit to appease a husband/bf, sex having to include penetration, shaving, having to meet certain home functions, and so on) was especially anxiety-inducing, due to the fact that parts of me understood I didnt want those. After coming out and living my truth so lots of things raised for me.– Dom O., 25, college pal.

10. “Probably the high possibility of doubling my closet, however Im sure thats a popular answer. Another response = double income no kids disposable earnings possibilities”– Amy. 38, my neighbor.

11. “The design.”– Anonymous, 23, we were both carrying out at the exact same funny open mic.

12. “Probably fuckin women is my # 1.”– Kelly, 22, dating above lesbian, also fulfilled at a comedy open mic.

13. “I have 2 preferred things about being queer!

“Its doing whatever the fuck you want. Do not have to live by any preconceived limitations on gender expression or actually any other societal expectations on yourself, your interests, your wedding event, your partner … entirely breaking out of the box.

” 1. My household is Italian, so I matured truly internalizing messages about a mans role and a females role. Ive invested a great deal of time thinking about this, and eventually … I DO prefer domestic and generally feminine functions. I like to support. I like to look after my house. It makes me delighted to do that stuff for the person I enjoy. My partner is far more butch and does like to gravitate towards more traditionally manly roles. Obviously, we wander off from that here and there, but normally, we follow a predictable trajectory. What I like about being queer, is that I understand, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are CHOOSING it. We developed a relationship based on what works for us and what were comfortable with, after exploring what we wanted, not based on what society dictates we do. In a straight relationship, I believe I d constantly wonder if particular roles were * expected * of me. I am grateful every day that I do not need to question that.

” 2. The orgasms.”– Veronica, 31, former employer and current mentor.

15. “My fave aspect of being gay is our capability to take anything and make it lesbian/queer/gay/ sapphic culture. Sitting odd? Gay. Cuffing your clothes? Gay. Wanting to own a farm? Queer as fuck. Patterned button-downs? Lesbiiiiannnn. Cate Blanchett? Nope sorry shes ours now.”– Kendra, 31, former coworker and current editor.

“One of my favorite about being a lesbian is the consistent understanding of what the other individual is going through. If that suggests how society looks at us or simply how we process our daily lives. Interaction is an essential portion of what I expect in a relationship and Im thrilled to have a partner that finds this simply as valuable.

17. “Okay I would state what I love about being a lesbian is 2 various things.

” And then the other thing (which is kind of based upon how fucked up and homophobic our society is) is in fact coming out older. As much trauma as it is, and I wish I had had the tools and comprehending to know who I was and had various experiences, I really type of love having come out later since I have gotten to have the moments of like holy shit this is what its expected to seem like? Often I will be making love with a woman and be like holy shit I can not think I almost missed this!!!”– Abby W., 25, met on Instagram since she was running a meme page and I had a lesbian podcast.

” So one would be naturally that I think the intimacy between 2 females is so different and I truly dont feel I might ever be totally seen and known by a guy like males and females are interacted socially so differently that we have such incredibly various life experiences. The shared understanding between women is amazing to me.

18. “I d need to state my preferred thing about being gay is knowing that I will actually constantly have at least five shared connections with anyone I go on a date with.”– Casey, 23, met on social networks somehow.

19. “I d state my favorite part if I truly had to pick would be the sex. Theres just something so vital about gay sex. Like all the times the world has told you that being gay is incorrect, weve all heard it wherever it came from, that were probably going to hell for it, and after that to feel something so highly you literally cant help however do it regardless and in defiance of all that bullshit is so effective for me. Plus, lesbian sex rocks. Its the very best thing ever. Its everything about satisfaction and theres something actually significant in that take and provide.”– Shannon, 28, writer buddy.

20. “Its girls night every night.”– Emily, 29, Shannons other half.

“The best part about being gay is being in a relationship complimentary of social standards and expectations. Ive been able to discover somebody who likes and motivates me to be all of me once I stopped dating guys.– Olivia, 23, met in Greek Life, reconnected after being gay on social media.

“My preferred thing about being gay is the magical energy that draws me to other gay individuals and draws other gay people to me. I know we like to joke about it, but theres something spiritual about gay magnetism for me.

23. “My preferred thing is that we have a subculture thats affected by a heap of other cultures thats special to how we walk through the world.”– Dom P., 26, fulfilled on social networks somehow.

24. “Its provided me a deeper gratitude for all womanhood and being eliminated from guys has offered me an objectively deeper understanding of feminism.”– Sarah, 28, Dom P.s other half.

25. “What I love most about being gay is the badass amazing community it unites! I enjoy the connection, I love the joy, I enjoy that you understand for a truth each and every one people has a various story however we can all relate in some sort of way. Idk I love all of it male. But mainly the boobs. Especially Kelseys.”– Mariah, 26, high school associate, reconnected after being gay on social networks.

“My favorite thing about being gay is there is no set of rigorous guidelines or pressure a relationship must follow. You and your partner are enabled to decide whats right for your relationship.– Kelsey, 27, Mariahs girlfriend.

27. “The best part about being a lesbian is finding empowerment within myself and other ladies on a deeper level that type of breaks the standards of heteronormativity. I think we are always taught that females in some way need a male in their life in some shape or form. Knowing not just that Im independent however that I likewise broke devoid of these required heteronormative requirements makes me feel empowered. I am better than ever and enjoy motivating other queer females to explore themselves and to press the regular.”– Allison, 22, sorority sibling.

28. “I learned that the way I see womens bodies is probably how other people see my body. If I feel puffed up, which is gorgeous even. It taught me to enjoy myself”– Hayley, 25, sorority sis.

29. “Sharing a look with another queer lady in public where you simply * know * the other one is gay.”– Abby S., 25, lived two doors down in my freshman dormitory.

30. “Is it lame that my preferred part about being gay is just having a sweetheart? Like, I like her. Thats my preferred part.”– Ayana, 25, Abby S.s sweetheart, satisfied in freshman dorm and had Honors Human Sexuality class together.

I started by putting a little sample size of 17 lesbians in one group and asked them all to text me their preferred thing about being gay. Like if you satisfy someone else thats gay you already understand a lot of each others experiences and its just funny how similar a lot of gay people are growing up or just living life. “My fave thing about being gay is our ability to take anything and make it lesbian/queer/gay/ sapphic culture. “My favorite thing about being gay is the wonderful energy that draws me to other gay individuals and draws other gay individuals to me. “My preferred thing about being gay is there is no set of rigorous rules or pressure a relationship should follow.

Oh, and boobs.

My preferred aspect of being a lesbian you ask? Having the ability to put 17 random lesbians in a groupchat and view them right away make pals with each other.