Physician wage gap persists between genders: 6 things to know

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The medical news site surveyed 17,461 doctors in 30 specializeds from Oct. 4, 2019, to Feb. 10 for the report. More than 4,500 female physicians offered information about their settlement, work hours and challenges, to name a few subjects.
Here are six things to learn about female and male doctors average annual payment and net worth:
1. Male main care doctors earn about $50,000 more than their female equivalents–$ 264,000, compared to a typical $212,000 earned by female medical care doctors.
2. Male specialists outearn female experts by almost $90,000– $375,000 amongst the men versus $286,000 amongst the women.
3. The wage space stays clear among any age groups, with male physicians between the ages of 35 and 54 years making about $85,000 more than female physicians in the same age variety.
4. Usually, male physicians have greater base wages ($ 230,000 versus $191,000) and incentive perks ($ 31,000 versus $18,000) than female doctors.
5. About 42 percent of female physicians have a net worth of less than $500,000, versus 29 percent of male doctors with the very same.
6. The portion of male doctors (10 percent) with a net worth greater than $5 million is double that of female doctors (5 percent).
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About 61 percent of male doctors feel that they are fairly compensated, compared to 53 percent of female doctors, according to a brand-new Medscape report.