How to Overcome the Fear of Being Judged

Ah, the old fear of being judged– have you ever dealt with it?

Unless youre one of those ultra comfy in your own skin, stroll to the beat of your own drum kind of individuals, opportunities are you d address “yes” to that question. I certainly would have when I was younger.

” But how, Justin?” Im grateful you asked. Keep reading to find out 3 realities thatll assist you overcome the fear of being evaluated.

So, its crucial that you discover how to push and conquer past the worry of being judged, if you wish to produce an excellent life on your own.

The issue is, we know intuitively that this worry does not serve us, and can really be holding us back from accomplishing what we want in life.

1Youre not that crucial

After I chose my ego up off the floor and gave him time to describe, it all made sense.
You see, the truth is, life is difficult for anyone. Whether youre born into hardship, with a silver spoon in your mouth, or somewhere in between, all of us have our own battles.
Were all simply trying to make it in life, so to think that you are that essential for someone to actually care that much about what you have going on is kind of arrogant.
I keep in mind when he informed me that, and how complimentary I right away felt. Its so real!
Each of us is on our own journey and attempting to browse this insane thing called life. So, possibilities are, those individuals youre fretted about evaluating you, arent even offering you the time of day.

Prior to you belittle me in disgust, thinking that I simply casted stones at you from my high horse, let me explain. This is one of the most releasing realities about yourself that you can ever accept because the fact is.
When I first entered public speaking, I was deathly scared of being evaluated. And, as you can picture, that made my already not that excellent discussions even worse (if that was even possible).
After actually struggling with my very first couple of discussions, I informed my speaking coach that I simply could not leave my own head about just how much I thought everyone was evaluating me the entire time.
Ill always remember, my coach took a look at me and stated, “Justin, youre not that essential.” Im not going to lie, I was angered at.

And if they are, then that leads me into my next point.

2You shouldnt appreciate the opinions of those who are evaluating you

Dont worry, Im not going to lecture you like a moms and dad about how you should not care what other people think of you. In fact, I believe thats dreadful guidance.
You SHOULD care what others think of you– but only the RIGHT people.
Theres a great quote, typically attributed to Rachel Hollis, that says, “Dont let someone in the inexpensive seats have a costly opinion in your life.” Geez, thats powerful! And so real.
Like I described in the past, the majority of people arent judging you. At least not in the way or to the degree that you may believe they are.

And, even if they are, so what?
Ask yourself this concern, if you have to fret about whether someone is judging you, is that the type of person you actually desire in your life anyways?
For me, the answer is no! I dont desire people in my life who are judgmental and look down on me. I cant tell you what to do with your life, however if I was training you, I d highly encourage that you not want relationships with those types of people, either.
And, to go even one layer deeper, at the end of your life, do you wish to recall with remorse knowing that the fear of being judged by those kinds of people is what held you back from producing and living your finest life?
Which brings me to the last reality.

3You can have your dreams or your worry of judgment, but not both

As a growth-conscious person, I know that you want to push the limits and live the absolute best life that you can. Well, in order to do that, the fear of judgement has to go.
Putting all of it together
I desire to repeat that Im writing this as a man who struggled for years to conquer this very issue. I likewise write these suggestions as somebody who has actually coached dozens of people through overcoming this worry.
I understand direct how this particular worry can rob you of the goals and dreams you have for your life.
So, the next time you find yourself feeling stuck or consumed by the fear of judgement, just remind yourself of these 3 truths: youre not as important as you believe you are, you should not care about the opinions of those who are judging you, and you can have your dreams or your fear of judgment, however not both.
Heres to breaking free!

Whether you recognize it or not, life has to do with sacrifices. Each time you say yes to one thing, youre saying no to whatever else. It works that method in all of life.
When it pertains to attempting to live your best life, as cliché as that sounds, that truth remains– you cant achieve your goals, desires, and dreams and be paralyzed by the fear of judgment. You have to pick one.
Will the worry always be there? Its one thing to have the fear, however its another thing to permit that fear to hold you back.
As much as I think in living in the grey area in between absolutes, there are a few things that I feel quite particular about. One of those is that life is method too brief to enable the fear of being evaluated hold you back.

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Author: Justin Aldridge

Justin Aldridge is a life author, coach, and speaker who looks for to educate, equip, and empower his readers, follower, and community to live and create what he calls UNCOMMON Lives. You can find out more about Justin and his work at

I dont desire individuals in my life who are judgmental and look down on me. I cant inform you what to do with your life, but if I was coaching you, I d highly advise that you not want relationships with those types of people, either.
Whether you recognize it or not, life is about sacrifices. It works that way in all of life.
Its one thing to have the fear, however its another thing to permit that fear to hold you back.