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Broker Review: Digital Equity

General Information

Digital Equity is a broker that started working recently, around the beginning of this year. BI-GLOBAL WORLD LTD., a finance digital option business, runs the firm.

The lasting pandemic has left a lot of individuals home-bound or with an excess of downtime. Many have decided to try their hand at online trading as a means of staying efficient. That suggests that the need for trustworthy brokers that offer a quality experience to their clients is remarkably high.

Digital Equity is one of the recently-founded brokers that exactly pursued that. As quickly as you go into the services website, you discover that it was crafted to both provide out a professional atmosphere and stay fully functional. Further, as you scroll down, youll see some advertising images, however the most essential information is organized under the drop-down menus near the top.

No matter how well a broker presents its service, its all for nothing if the quality does not hold up. After all, developing a clever style is much simpler than crafting a whole brokerage. Digital Equity, thankfully, handled both of those tasks remarkably. Thus, heres a list of some of the brokers most appealing features:



They frequently see it as something that makes your experience more amazing when people think about variety in trading. And if you focus on the aspect of it making trading less tiresome, its easy to error it for a high-end function. Nevertheless, variety is likewise rather crucial in the practical sense, as a greater pool of options lets you enhance the quality of each decision you make. Digital Equity brings that range, with loads of assets and trading accounts to pick from.



Many brokers pump up the cost of their service by including fees to trades, withdrawals, or deposits. Theyll disguise these extra charges in hopes of traders not discovering them if the company is a bit more harmful. Obviously, all of those practices present a fast method towards monetary gain at the cost of a reasonable experience for customers. Needless to say, brokers that choose making a fast dollar over offering a quality service arent worth your time. Meanwhile, Digital Equity has actually no included charges. Therefore, indicating youll have the ability to trade precisely the quantity you invest

Funds Trading and Security

Previously in our Digital Equity evaluation, we mentioned that the account range is exceptional. Specifically, there are 4 live accounts that you can choose from, each called after a valuable metal. The cheapest account, bronze, will set you back $250, which is the amount most competitive brokerages will request. In fact, the bronze account supplies outstanding specs for its expense, just somewhat dragging the other 3.

Another thing that stands out when you view their account info is that everybody gets an individual account manager. Even better, you only need to reach a Silver account to get the help of expert monetary advisors. Such services can be rather pricey with other brokers, so providing them a budget friendly price speaks volumes about Digital Equity. To sum up, here are some more information about the various account types:.

Individual account supervisor: Yes.

Spreads: From 2.8 pips.


Execution, STP, Market, No requotes.

Trading Accounts at Digital Equity.


The security at Digital Equity is quite functional, specifically for a broker thats still reasonably new. Users profits need to surpass a certain value if they wish to open an account with Digital Equity.

Minimum deposit: $250.

Leverage: 1:300.

When accounts are basically equalized, budget plan traders do not require to feel bad about their financial restrictions. Getting new accounts feels like a high-end rather than a requirement. Finally, users can often attain higher account levels just by remaining faithful to the business. With time, their investments accumulate and tip them over onto the next level.

Amount of open positions: Unlimited.

Trade size: from 0.01 approximately 50 lots.

The terrific thing about the different account types at Digital Equity is that they arent some sort of massive upgrade. Typically, brokers purposefully deteriorate their cheaper accounts to nudge users towards investing more straight away.

There are likewise restrictions that serve to avoid illegalities, such as cash laundering. Namely, only the individual that deposited money into an account can withdraw it. Naturally, that does not imply there are any restrictions on just how much you can transfer or withdraw.

Specialist Advisors: No

Execution, STP, Market, No requotes.

Individual account supervisor: Yes.

Leverage: 1:300.

Minimum deposit: $2000.


Amount of open positions: Unlimited.

Trade size: from 0.01 as much as 50 lots.


Spreads: From 2.5 pips.

Professional Advisors: Yes


Trade size: from 0.01 as much as 50 lots.

Minimum deposit: $10000.


Amount of open positions: Unlimited.

Execution, STP, Market, No requotes.

Personal account manager: Yes.

Spreads: From 1.5 pips.

Take advantage of: 1:300.

Expert Advisors: Yes

Minimum deposit: $50000.


Execution, STP, Market, No requotes.


Individual account manager: Yes.

Take advantage of: 1:300.

Spreads: From 0.1 pips.

Amount of employment opportunities: Unlimited.

Trade size: from 0.01 approximately 50 lots.

Specialist Advisors: Yes

As youve probably collected from our Digital Equity evaluation so far, the trading conditions are rather competitive. Beginning from the primary aspects, the take advantage of is at a strong 1:300, while the spreads get almost non-existent as you reach the higher account levels. The executions are near-instant, indicating youll get a reasonable trading experience. The account manager and economists are there to provide more assistance, making it simpler to come out ahead.

Traders are rather likely to find the instrument they prefer trading on and have an excellent variety of secondary possessions to select from if they decide to diversify. Theres likewise a description for each trading product class, which can assist newer traders pick what they desire to go with.

Currency Pairs.


Contact number: +441507243012.

Digital Equitys support group follows the usual structure youve come to expect from brokers. You can get assist 24 hours on workdays, while the client service group takes weekends off. You can reach them by means of email, a phone line, or through a form, that you can fill out on Digital Equitys website. The form is functionally really comparable to an email, so the response times should not vary much.

Two significant benefit choices allow for more movement while trading. The first is the web trader, allowing you to turn any desktop browser into a trading platform without hold-up. All you need to do is log in with your qualifications, and you can trade without the loss of any functions. The 2nd tool is the mobile trader, which likewise lets you offer and purchase by merely using your phone after you download the app

Digital Equitys Trading Products.

The software can cater both to novices and veterans without leaning too difficult on either side. The instinctive UI and ease of use lower the financing worlds already powerful entry barrier. It lets more recent traders comprehend whats going on and what they need to do almost intuitively. On the other hand, the software applications huge set of analytical tools helps those with more experience in forecasting how the marketplace will fluctuate.

Trading Platform.

As we currently pointed out, there are brakes in location so that certain traders cant have too much of a negative influence on themselves. The range of account types and possessions likewise adds a lot to the general experience, as we currently mentioned in the past. The company likewise consisted of Islamic accounts, suggesting more traders can enjoy what they offer.


Trading Conditions.

Additionally, the payment procedure happens rapidly on the brokers end, reducing the time you invest waiting around. Thus, guaranteeing that your financial wins and losses depend solely on your abilities as a trader.

Earlier in our Digital Equity review, we discussed that the firm was fairly brand-new. Thankfully, Digital Equity went with the basic choice in MetaTrader4.

Client service.


Email: [email secured]

Users incomes should exceed a certain worth if they want to open an account with Digital Equity.

The broker has whatever you d ask for in a long-term trading hub. We d recommend everybody, regardless of experience or ability level, to try out Digital Equity, as the broker is great as-is and only assures further development.

Digital Equity brings that variety, with loads of properties and trading accounts to select from.

Digital Equity Review: Conclusion.

The status of Digital Equity as a brand-new broker shouldnt trick you, as the company exists to take on the very best. The firm was careful when crafting the service they d supply to consumers. Its apparent that it isnt in the group of brokers looking for a fast revenue, however is rather thinking about gaining a devoted base of traders by catering to their requirements.

Earlier in our Digital Equity evaluation, we discussed that the account range is impressive. The excellent thing about the various account types at Digital Equity is that they arent some sort of huge upgrade. Another thing that stands out when you view their account information is that everyone gets a personal account supervisor.